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Re: guidelines and exceptions Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 25, 2002, at 6:44:42

In reply to Re: guidelines and exceptions, posted by Dr. Bob on October 25, 2002, at 1:30:13

Dr. Bob,
You wrote that ["to say one beleife should be embraced is to say that others should not. Which puts down these other beliefs.] I think that it is more civil not to tell others what to believe."
Are you saying, by implication, that I said that my belief in Judaism is the one religion that should be embraced? Are you saying that I told others what to believe? If you are, please do not use these type of tactics . They are uncivil for you are implying that what I said means that and I consider that for you to be jumping to a conclusion which is uncivil just as you have in the past accused others of here. I never said that, and there is no implication for you to see here any more than if I, or anyone else here, wanted to say, my God said, "You shall not commit any murder." Or, you shall love your neighbor as yourself."
I wrote that I wanted to tell of my experiance where the Rider, who is the Word of God in my experiance , said to me, "You shall have no other Gods before me." Please be accurate, for I never said what you are saying that I said, anymore than the Christian person said that they believe in the father , the son, and the holy ghost and that she is Catholic would mean that there is an implication that others should be Catholic.
Are you sayig that if I post the post in discussion here that you will accuse me of putting down Christian people or athiests, or poytheists or other religions?
If so, could you give me your descriminating rational for not accusing the poster that said [that Jesus became our salvation to All Those That Believe]? There is an implication here that you must believe to be saved, and that you must believe in Jesus to be saved also.And that you also Must Obey Jesus to be saved. This pharse has been used for almost 2000 years to arrouse bad feelings to the jews and others that do not beleive that you must obey the Christiandom's Jesus, throughout the world, for the implication is obvious here that obediance to Jesus is a requirrment for salvation and Jews do not include the Jesus of Christiandom to be requirered to obey in relation to their salvation. That is the plainly visible implication which obviously puts down all other religions that do not obey Jesus. If there is a post on this board that implies that you must be a particular religion, I would say that a reasonable man would think that it is this statement by the Christian person and not a statement that the Jewish poster's God told them not to have other Gods Before Him. I never said that other's salvation was connected with that. The Christian poster did imply that. Are you saying that you have a descrimintory rational that defines the Christian poster's "imply" as different from other "implys"? If you do, could you clarify that rational for me? If you could, then I could have a better understanding of your descrimintory rational and be better able to post here to accomodate your rational.
I am not ashamed to want to have equal opportunity to post here, and I am asking you to clarify the difference between the Christiandom's people's posts and my post that I want to post in the future . Their posts tell of their foundation to obey Jesus for salvation. You did not restrain that post. I never even implied such a thing when I wanted to post the foundation of my Jewish faith , to me,which is that I shall not have other Gods before Him. Yet you are going to restrain me to post that and accuse me of disrespecting others and not restrain the Christiandom people here from writing that Jesus became our salvation to all those that Obey Him?
Could you clarify what your rational is for that so that I can better undestand the implication that you are promulgating here? If you could, then I could better understand how Christian posters can post their foundation of their faith, that is to obey Jesus, and why I can not tell of the foundation of my Jewish faith without being accused of disrespect to others and not being accused by you of putting down others because I post the foundation of Judaism and the Christian foundation of their religon is not restrained or accused by you of putting down others or disrespect to others?
Lou Pilder




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