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question about tolerance

Posted by rjlockhart37 on October 15, 2019, at 22:32:39

i've recently started diazepam, for with drawl from a high dose of phenibut, it was discotinued suddently, the first day i was doing fine and then i noticed anxiety and insomnia, and it worse. Phenibut really is not bad thing, it does help anixety. But i noticed now diazepam doenst work well as phenibut did, i feel a calm of nerves when i take valium, i feel just a little bit relaxed and relieved of anxiety depending on how high it is. I still had phenibut left, and i noticed that it's effects were better, or ... combinbined it made more relief. I don't ... i started valium 2.5 and noticed more calm nerves. But now ... i don't know if it's tolerance, or sometimes i tkae meds and dont notice their effect. Diazepam makes me relax but sometimes itsn ot enough, i still have anxiety levels.

I just don't know ... i can't really increase the dose my doc probly is not in favior of that but i take 2.5mg in morning, 5mg in after noon, 2.5 at night, works not very well, makes me want to add phenibut to diazpeam. The thing is....diazpeam is general benzo, it's just a general calm, nothing like xanax, bit less potent than lorazepam..., there's nothing special about it. It effects GABA -a receptors, phenibut effects GABA- b receptors

I get stressed easly because simple tasks become overwehliming, and truthfully - being in real stimulant would the benefit. It helps firing in the mind, but im stuck where i am. Armodafnil and caffeine, let's just keep anaymous i don't want this info collected.

I get worried my body requires more, or it adjusted through the long term phenibut use. I've been playing along all these years with mood stablizers and bi polar medications, in which really they have helped but if you hear ... psychostimulants help functioning better, i feel more like clutsy off psychostimulants, less organized, i forget things, my conversations are scattered all over the place. Some people kind avoid me because get too intense during conversation. Stimulant yes such as dexamphetamine treat this, but i have been told and done that i can't take it. To get a good career and do something good for society. You know i think somtimes even when you impaired, you have to make a will power that you won't give up on, i've done things saying im not give up, then i gave's a new mind set need develop juts like people in the work force.
any feed back would be great

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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