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Re: new to Parnate (MAOI) - Fatigue (Serotonin?)

Posted by mrSwim on December 29, 2016, at 0:50:14

In reply to Re: new to Parnate (MAOI) - Fatigue (Serotonin?), posted by pontormo on December 25, 2016, at 10:55:56

Hi, thank you everyone for getting back.
I've just found out how to post a follow up message on this thread (first time using this forum) :)

My first week on Parnate I had a lot of energy (possible initial reaction to amphetamine effects, or a response to my uplifted mood, optimistic thoughts etc) and this energy also manifested at night, several nights were pretty sleepless but I was very content and relaxed just lying there. After the first week, my sleep returned to pretty much normal,

Right now I must be about 4 or 5 weeks in, and my sleep is really good actually. I'm generally sleeping for 8 solid hours straight if I go to bed early enough (9/10pm). I never used to recall my dreams that much, but at the moment I'm recalling one or two fairly detailed dreams on about 3 or 4 nights a week. Seems to be like a good sleeping pattern.

I'm actually on a 30mg dose which i can know be relatively low, compared to what's possible. (I would love to get MAO levels tested - will need to look more into this, to see the actual effects of 30mg daily). I tend now to take all 30mg in the morning, say, 10am. This way, I'm exhausted at around 11.30-3pm but then energy tends to pick up for the later afternoon and evening. I found if i spread the dose, it just spreads the fatigue effects too.

I have heard that Nardil can generally be more 'sedating' and Parnate more activating, but I've also heard of people who get a lot of fatigue from Parnate, doing much better on Nardil. I'm reluctant to change right now, because of the improvements I've been experiencing on Parnate.

I did skip my dose yesterday to experiment, and I had more energy throughout the day, definitely not that super heavy slump that kicks in. So, my thoughts are maybe that the fatigue isn't related to MAOI or any neurotransmitter effects (as respective levels of MAO are inhibited for about 2 weeks, until levels are replaced - so missing one dose, shouldn't affect this immediately) - so it seems to be the assimilation of the actual Parnate tablets which seem to cause the fatigue, (for me!)

Relating to Serotonin - I've actually not experienced anything noticeable - just that for example supplementing with L-tryptophan or 5-HTP, and all relevant cofactors for their conversion to Serotonin, didn't seem to have any effect on mood, nor did taking SSRI medications, and this was at a critical time, but things remained critical whilst on the SSRI's for a substantial period of time, so I eventually withdrew from taking these.

My next steps are to see if I can try Modafinil along with the Parnate on a few days a week to see if that helps, or alternatively to gradually transition over to a low dose of a MAO-B specific inhibitor, if doctor is willing to prescribe, and encourage natural Dopamine and PEA pathways, and to see if this helps as much as the Parnate. Time shall tell :)

Anyways hope this helps to answer your questions sorry I tend to write so much, feel free to throw any more ideas this way if you have any insight :)

I hope things are continuing to be well for you,

Best wishes for the new year from mrSwim

> I experienced fatigue with parnate, but it was mental as well as physical. I wondered how well you're sleeping, whether it seems to be deep sleep, and whether you're having any sort of dreams, or dream-like states.
> Also, if serotonin bothered you in the past, what symptoms or effects did you have then? It's possible if the physical fatigue is a new symptom, it might be due to some other phenomenon.
> Also, what dose of parnate are you taking, and when do you take it?




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