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Re: Akineton ed_uk2010

Posted by g_g_g_unit on December 22, 2013, at 10:38:39

In reply to Re: Akineton g_g_g_unit, posted by ed_uk2010 on December 22, 2013, at 10:15:20

> Do these effects depend on the dose? What range of doses have you tried?

I was being careful and trying just 0.025mg. I get a nice, sedating effect, and then tolerance develops in a day. Higher doses sedate me at first, then just made me more stimulated.

> I must admit that I've never heard of these symptoms occuring before when coming off mirtazapine, so I don't know whether it is some kind of uncommon withdrawal reaction or something unrelated.

I do tend to be exceedingly sensitive to medication, so who knows.

>How did you feel before you stopped mirtazapine >in the first place? I've heard of pts >experiencing an akathisia-like state while on >mirtazapine, but not on stopping.

It was hard finding a 'sweet spot'. Anything around 7.5mg+ actually gave me akathisia. The dose I was taking (3mg) boosted my mood, enjoyment etc. and was mildly stimulating in a pleasant way. However, it may have made anxiety subtly worse, and I overslept/gained too much weight, so stopped.

>Having said >that, the fact you've never >experienced similar >symptoms before does suggest >a link between your >current state and stopping >mirtazapine. >Psychomotor agitation has been >reported on >stopping ADs in general, so it does >seem >plausible.

Yeah, the dystonic-like jaw stiffness and restless legs are something I don't experience while depressed.

> I was wondering about Cymbalta, which I think your doctor suggested, and whether it might make you feel more restless initially (although not in the long term). Perhaps a more sedating AD would be appropriate right now. Have you ever taken any tricyclic antidepressants?

Yes, I don't think Cymbalta will be a good fit, based on past experience, since anything NEergic tends to be bad for me. The 2 days I tried Cymbalta certainly intensified the restlessness.

I have tried clomipramine, which I reacted horribly too -- anxiety, restlessness, agitation. A low dose of nortriptyline (20mg) was prescribed for sleep, which it didn't help, but ended up improving ADHD. Amitriptyline is hit and miss -- it used to help sleep, but would feel a little stimulating during the day; however, my antihistamine tolerance grew so high this year that low doses did nothing.




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