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Lou's response-

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 20, 2012, at 20:34:24

In reply to Lou's response-comowltphromthedhed ChicagoKat, posted by Lou Pilder on October 20, 2012, at 17:06:26

> > With the Nardil, I know I have to be patient. But if patience is a virtue, I am not virtuous.
> >
> > I have been going up and down on the Nardil, but mostly down. And today I am feeling as bad as I did before I started it. Which hasn't happened since I started it. I am afraid that the trend is negative and that worries me about the ultimate efficacy of Nardil. God help me, but if Nardil ultimately fails on me, there will be absolutely nothing left for me to try. I'm really scared.
> > Kat
> Chi Kat,
> You wrote,[...mostly down...God help me...I'm really scared...].
> You will be told by others here to take more drugs, drugs that could lead you down the path of death. And I have come here to tell you how you could be resurrected out from the dead.
> You see, it has been revealed to me that death can be a living death. This death is the death in the mind that is so dark that people kill themselves in this death-state. And now there is evidence, that he drugs that you are taking can {increase} the thinking of the one taking the drug to kill themselves.
> Now I will assume that the God that you reference here is the same God that the Jews give service and worship to. If not, then please state such here.
> Now I have been writing here about a new realm. A realm of peace and joy that one can enter now. They enter by being translated from the death realm to the spiritual realm. It is a resurrection out from the dead. I am prohibited from posting how that can be done by the nature of the prohibitions posted to me here by Mr Hsiung. But I can post some aspects that could arouse your thinking to want to be resurrected out from the dead. And if you stop to think about all the members here that take drugs and post about the state of being that they are in, one can make up their own mind as to if the drugs are giving them a life of peace and joy or just perpetuating the darkness of depresson and addiction and a state of a living death.
> Now if you want God to help you, I could tell you right now this day that it has been revealed to me that the God in question has in His Word that he will help you. Not only will He help you, but he will lead you beside the waters of tranquility where there will be rest for your soul and you will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; his leaf will not wither and whatsoever he does shall prosper.
> Lou
> ChiKat,
Now the members tell you to take more drugs. But can the combining of chances of drugs give rise to a greater chance of death?
You see, I have a great body of knowledge concerning the chemical reactions of the {combining} of mind-altering drugs. There is a greater probability of death when psychotropic drugs are combined, generally. You see, in combining drugs, there is a double shot of your doctor's drugs. And this double shot can increase the {magnitude}of the actions of the drugs. So thearfore depression could be magnified, magnified so much as to cause one to kill themselves. And when they told you to withdrawal, you could be wanting to kill yourself to.
(redacted by respondent) should have known better to combine the drugs, for (redacted by respondent)everything that you do. Now here is a link that has the statistics for those that combined Nardil with Lamictal and got depression. The percentage is very high. It is a risky chance to combine these two drugs ancd how a psychiatrist could take such a large chance in prescribing the two together is (redacted by respondent), for what if the taker of the drugs gets depression and they already had depression? Could they not then kill themselves?




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