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Re: DEXAMYL--DESBUTAL why where they abused?

Posted by utopizen on February 6, 2011, at 17:21:44

In reply to Re: DEXAMYL--DESBUTAL why where they abused?, posted by I used to be Skinny on February 1, 2011, at 18:31:34

Most people who take even hard illicit drugs don't become addicts. Those who abuse a drug typically seek it for its rewarding properties; by increasing dopamine and the barbiturate chilling you out, that's rewarding.

Some will feel any drug's reward and want more and more. Others have an expectation the drug is not suppose to be a substitute for sleep, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Expectation of the drug and what it ought to do is a major component of abuse research.

Example: If students think Adderall will write their paper for them, they're going to be more inclined to up their dose when to their amazement they still find a subject that bores them too boring to complete.

Other students, typically on ADD meds since they were young, will have lower expectations and understand the drug is not going to make every boring thing fascinating enough to endure.

Methamphetamine HCL (Desoxyn) is still sold today because it is safe under a doctor's supervision and when taken as prescribed. Lots of medicines are methylated; methamphetamine is just Amphetamine methylated.

Rx Desoxyn also is less likely to include battery acid as a filler, despite how filled with great character meth dealers tend to be... that, and the dose is tiny-- not enough to induce euphoria.

Any medicine is going to screw someone up if it's not given properly, it contraindicates with something else, and if it's not taken as prescribed. It's an effective, yet powerful medicine, and when respected it can effectively treat AD/HD.

But anyone thinking it's going to solve all of your AD/HD problems unlike any other ADD med is a good reason not to take it, because it's a sign of unrealistic expectations.

Also: the weight thing tends to be something that lasts about 6-8 weeks; after that, the body's pretty resillient to gimmicks and will adjust your appetite back to where it was.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Desbutal dose you were given was much, much higher than is considered acceptable for Desoxyn today. In the 60's, diet pills were a huge market, "fat clinic" M.D.'s tended to associate high doses with better results. To help pay off their weight scale investment and all, they tended to give doses higher to get past the 6-8 week barrier.

It didn't help that at the time, they could make arrangements to sell it directly via a pharmacy they partnered with for profits, since higher doses meant more pill sales.

Also, drug addicts have been studied to be incapable at telling the differences between one amphetamine and the next, including meth + non-methylated amphetamine. But because "meth" is easier to say and sounds trendier, the DEA will refer to amphetamine finds as "meth busts." The DEA also explains elsewhere on their site that over 60% of "meth" on the black market is estimated to be in fact methamphetamine or even Ectasy-- the rest is typically regular amphetamine sold as meth or MDMA.

Amphetamines are abusable; don't get me wrong-- but why the news media + DEA (with the DEA driving the narrative) use marketing names to make drug "epidemics" more inviting and curious puzzles me.

No one markets drugs better than the DEA.

In Holland, drugs are boring; in America, drugs are always "trendy," "on the rise," "new," (meth is not new, and was patented in 1943...) "shocking," "an epidemic," "popular," "dangerous," "worrying parents," "illicit," "gets an intense high," "potent," "deadly," "banned," "illegal," "risky," and anything else a drug cartel's focus groups found helped sell more of the stuff.

And then they go, "see? It's climbing up ever since we began reporting it." Um, yeah, that's the problem...




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