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Re: In Defense of Cannabis Neal

Posted by detroitpistons on March 30, 2009, at 12:29:35

In reply to Re: In Defense of Cannabis, posted by Neal on March 19, 2009, at 20:31:35

I like this post a lot. Some of the most memorable times in my life have been on hallucinogens, mostly mushrooms, but also LSD. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I remember nights where several of us would trip together and just laugh our a**es off all night! It was just so much fun. We all had the same perspective, and we just bonded more than we normally would. It's like we could read each other's minds.

The mystical/ spiritual aspect of hallucinogens can be really cool. Granted, I might have just been "messed up" and deluding myself, but it really did feel like I could see everything from a different angle, like I could understand things that I otherwise couldn't. "The Doors of Perception" is really a fitting description of the experience.

Hallucinogens should be approached with caution because of the "bad trip" possibility. However, that really only seems to happen when someone doesn't know what to expect, and when they take hallucinogens in the wrong environment and/or with the wrong people. To me, that's the same idea as using a trip guide. The people tripping together would sort of look out for each other.

Fun times!

> I do think some of the hallucinogens have a use - If They Are Used in a Sacred Manner - ie., used as the native-americans used them, in the context of a religious or theraputic atmosphere with a guide who understands and has used the substance many times. Read Aldous Huxleys "DOORS OF PERCEPTION" for an English writer's view while taking hallucinogens. He was an author of a score of books, some on religious experience before he took his first mescaline. So he had some backround to take these things.
> Of course, most youths don't have access to guides or psychiatrists who can help them. If this culture's first response to drugs was NOT to make them illegal, we might have such guides. As it is, there still are such people, but you have to look hard and long to find the real thing.
> If you don't read, don't know much or just want kicks, you can only learn a limited amount. You're playing with fire, and you may get burned. Bad trips happen. Why not just stick to the drug of your culture, - usually alcohol - because a lot is already know about that. Most college students - that is the drug of choice. Just don't get hooked. If you find yourself drinking more than two nights a week, drinking alone, drinking secretively, you might want to do a reality check, IMO.
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