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Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy desolationrower

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 12, 2009, at 14:49:40

In reply to Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy Vincent_QC, posted by desolationrower on March 12, 2009, at 5:38:06

interesting, couple reasons might be inflammatory IL6 which also involved in depression, and folate/12 deficiency, i assume you take those?

Hummm, not sure what I got tested with my last blood test...I know my thyroid was tested (T3, T4), the B6, B12, iron level (I have anemia around 10 of iron, we need more than 14 to be at the acceptable limit) and my hemoglobin is low also but thats related to the fact that each time I go to the bathroom I lost a lot of blood (profound hemorrhoids that I got ligatured every 2 months or so...I need a least 5 or 6 ligatures of hemoroid before the blooding will stop) so its why I take 1200mg of iron each day and also I have one monthly treatment of intravenous iron...others things was also tested but nothing negative was find, I ask my Pdoc to include everything who can be linked to depression, lack of motivation, interest and anxiety of I suppose he know everything to be tested ...if not can you told me exactly what I should ask to my Pdoc to be test next time??? I will print the list and bring it to him...we will see if I got everything tested, it will be very nice from you do do this for me! Thanks in advance!!!

so you used to excercise, but haven't been?

Exactly, before my gastric-by-pass and even if I had morbid obesity, I was very active, I had a hard work (working as a help-cook in a high class restaurant in a big hotel), always do a lot of bicycle at summer, sometimes more than 300km in all my summer ( I had a counter kilometers installed on my bicycle)...Yes, I agree that in my teenager years I was not active, but I was not eating a lot also, I was always on diet...I begin to diet at the age of 8 years old...I Was already fat... and already with an avoidance personality with a lot of anxiety at school and no friends...everything was already in place for the social anxiety disease but nobody at school or even my parents see this was not a disease back then... it was only my fault anyway, I was the one who was not good...I Was the one who always defy the authority...At school it was crazy as hell, I always avoid public place and the cafeteria... I always had medical papers to not going to my physical education class because I was not choose in the teams and often the others childs was yelling at me about the fact that I was just a fat kid thats worth nothing, that I was a big and fat and not usefull, a piece of sh*t, that I was just a bullet for them, things like know kids are very cruel together anyway...I was just lacking the capacity to answer to them and defend myself... I begin to avoid all the sports, in particulary team sports games (baseball, soccer, football, volleyball)...and I jump into the drugs early, around 12 years old, I start smoking weeds, cigarettes, I was doing hard drugs like LSD, cocaine to loose some weight, PCP, things like that...everything to be able to avoid the reality and to be able to continue to live a normal life and ignore the others kids... I developp a boulimia problem and a BDD problem around the same period of time between 12 -18 years old...I was felling guilty because I was eating guilty to be fat, so it was a big problem for me...and you now understand why I dont like a lot sports and why I dont want to continue to gain weight...and why the TCAs are not good for me...The Clomipramine start in me intense craving for food, I just cant stop eating and sometimes its goes to a so high level that I begin to have pain in my stomach and my intestine because with the gastric by-pass I cant eat a meter of intestine and a small stomach dont help a lot, and the more I eat, the more often I go to the bathroom and the more often I lost blood and I feel more and more over concerned with my weight and I feel more and more guilty about the weight I gain... that's a never ending circle... I dont want to have another surgery...I get two of them, the first for the gastric by-pass and another one to repair a hernia that reappear one year later, I need to have the hernia repair another time but thats so painful that I think I will wait and make it at the same time I will get my extra skin remove (plastic surgery)....

Anyway, in 2005 I move into a bigger city to start a new program at the university and a new life...and walking was my main transport to go to the university and work on the weekend. I always walk and avoid the public transport system in that big city, it was my daily exercise, more than 1 hours of fast walk with heavy bag, with my laptop and tons of books and things like that...I suppose its why I never gain weight on the Nardil or any others meds I was put on between 2005 and october 2007...(Topamax, Gabapentin, Effexor-Xr, Remeron, Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel at high dose, Lyrica (short try) and the list goes on...

The heart problem happened just when I start the Parnate, before my blood pressure was low, around 100/60 with a pulse of 70... so the genetic is a questionable issue but not to be I always have a BP around 135-140/80 and 90-100 pulse rate... I stop the Parnate and it seem that the HBP stay on and never return to my normal...

its for high blood pressure, protect from harms of high blood sugar. you have a number of risk factors, i think you said you had high blood pressure, at least off the parnate.
hm, wow. ok first off it might not even be the right kind of vitamin d, prescription kind is D2. if you are being checked for D level, hopefully its working enough...for that and vitamin k, you could get those "Twinlab Vitamin D3 1000 + K2"
tabs you take sublingually, that wouldn't have the absorbtion problem. also i guess if vitamin A is low, its not a problem, but really getting it in carotenoid form, and letting body convert the amount it needs is better, vitamin A can cause depression...Accutane is a form of vitamin A used for acne and it causes depression. i'd want to see if there are carotenoid supplements to take instead, but at minimum get your vitamin D level up...also if you aren't adding magnesium (citrate)and zinc...lots of people find that helpful for anxiety and sleep, if you are deficient i'm sure that is making things worse...b12 deficiecy will do that too

Ok, no I never take any meds for my high blood pressure since it a new problem...and I was put two times on the acutane and I never get depress because of it. The first time was in the time, depression was not one of my problem, I had a lot of energy back then...SAD was my only one problem, and in 2006 I do another 4 months treatment of acutane and nothing to complain was ok... I know that its linked to depression but I dont think its related to my problem...

The Vit D I take is a huge amount of regular D...not D2 or D3... In fact, its only avaible as a prescription med, 50 000 units of vitamin D can be dangerous for a normal person....I never see a Vit D2 or D3 bottle in the OTC products at the drugstore... My vitamin D level is tested three times a year and is ok...I suppose the huge amount of 50 000 units each day make the level good in my blood...I try a lot of vitamins mixtures...I never find them helpfull...Omega-3 with high level of EDA for depressive problems (very expensive), Vitamins B complex for stress, I had also try 5HTP as well as others naturals products for the mental problems...I cant remember everything but I try a lot of them trust me...thats never help me..

The blood testing I had to do three times a year is done by the hospital where I got my gastric by-pass...its the most complete blood test as far as the vitamins levels concern... As I was asking before, just give me the complete list of what I need to test that is related with anxiety or depression and I will get those tested and I will give the result to you..maybe we will be able to work out a list of OTC naturals vitamins that I can buy and take daily...??? It can be more easy for me like this...and of course its if you have the time to do this for me...

Well thats all for today...I used all the concentration I had to answer to your message...You are really nice to help me !!!

Take care of you and we talk more later, and if I dont answer well to something just told me it... I lack a lot of focus since a while and my english is not very good sometimes...

Thanks again!
Vincent ;-)




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