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Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy desolationrower

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 11, 2009, at 12:55:05

In reply to Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy, posted by desolationrower on March 11, 2009, at 10:33:36

> i was actually going to make a post about TCAs, when i get my thoughts in straight line.
> it seems your medical problems make it harder to stay on a medicine. i really think the very best thing you could do is work with your therapist to find some physical exercice that you enjoy, whether basketball league, frisbee, biking, weight lifiting, whatever. its always a good idea, but i think it would really help make medicines more tolerable for you.
> also, are you on an ace inhibitor, i made a thread and it seems applicable here? they can be helpful for pre-diabetic, hypertensive, etc., especially the younger white male patient. i'm not sure exactly waht your health is at but something to consider, and theres some evidence they might positivly effect mood, as well as health.
> also vitamin d3 and vitamin k2, maybe i've said those before. i doubt you have enough unless you're taking gelcaps now.
> good luck yo, it sucks to go through meds that don't seem to help much
> -d/r

Hi -d/r...
Hummm, that's true, my physical condition is not very good at the moment. I don't exercise, I don't eat a lot and when I eat it's not good food, I have an anemia problem who seem to persist even with iron pills and intravenous iron treament I recieve each month, I smooke a lot, I have insomnia at night...and the list goes on... Nothing to make me a good and healtly guy... I had also before morbid obesity problem and a gastric by-pass...but even when I was at a high weight, I was in good shape, I was exercices a lot, do a lot of bicycle and walked a lot also...

What you mean by ace inhibitor??? I don't know this...

For the Vitamins...the D3 and the K2...they are liposolubs vitamins no??? My gastric by-pass work with a malabsorbtion, mean that I have a short intestine and the part where the fat is digest and transform into others substances in the blood and fat tissue don't work anymore...I take huge amount of fat solubes vitamins everyday (Vit D - 50 000 units, Vit A - 30 000 units, Iron pills - 1200 mg/day, 2 Xtra strenght centrum pills, and calcium - 1500 mg/day... I have blood test often and all my vitamins level are at the lowest limit of the acceptable level...but my iron is low and my hemoglobine level as well as my vitamin K level is too low...

Diabetic is common in my familly, my mom is a type 1 dad do hypertension (take Avapro 60mg each day) genetic is also not very good in my familly...

I also have a lot of bad habits to stop...cigarettes (more than 20 a day), no physical exercise, high fat meal and craving for sweet things, coffee... but that's hard to move on and change is lifestyle when you are not feeling good and you don't have any energy to do a step in the good direction...

well, thanks for your help...just explain a little bit more what is the ace inhibitor... ;-)

Have a nice day!

Vincent :-)




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