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Re: Parnate-update Jade to D/R Vincent_QC

Posted by JadeKelly on December 31, 2008, at 13:58:13

In reply to Re: Parnate-update Jade to D/R, posted by Vincent_QC on December 31, 2008, at 9:11:27

> > > Hey D/R,
> > >
> > > Couple questions if you don't mind. I seem to be backsliding some on the remission (was100%). It does seem like "remission" is based on time dose is taken, is that normal? Seems like A/D would either work or not. I've been waking 3-5 times a night which is unusual, fall alseep very easily ~11pm or so, but sometimes if not woken I'll sleep till 1-2pm. Then I've missed morn dose and feel like crap. What does this suggest? I had 10 days remission, that means what? I should go up to 70mg? I hate to this soon, but don't want to lose a/d effect. Should I add lithium or lamictal? (realized I had both) never added Lithium before as I was fine without it. I'm taking 5mg ritalin 2x day, is that enough? Not sure what to change here. tempted to go up to 70mg but not sure thats the answer. HELP! (again) Thanks
> > >
> > >
> > Sending this to you/Scott/Captain, anyone else "in the know" that could help me with this? Just want to make sure I don't lose my WELL EARNED investement. Let me know how you are please. REALLY. A little chit chat never hurt anyone.
> >
> > ~Jade
> >
> >
> Hi Jade ;-)
> I know, the question is not for me,

No Vincent! I'm glad you joined in, anytime.I can use all the help I can get!

but I think it's related to the short half-life of the Parnate in the blood system. From the web research I do and informations I have on the Parnate, the half-life of the Parnate is between 4.4 hours to 8 hours... So for what I think, it's normal to feel like you feel when you miss a dose.

That makes sense because I've been taking it really late (early afternoon) when usually I take it at 8am. The holidays and family, etc.

That's one of the reason they do extend release of drugs, to make them acting more long time and stay in your blood at the same level for a more long time also...

Is there a XR Parnate?

> The hypertension I have since i'm at 35-40mg of Parnate day is probably come from the same problem , short half-life of the Parnate in the blood... Blood pressure increase at daytime with my intake of Parnate, since I take my last dose at 3PM, I have an accumulation of active Parnate in my blood ...being more concentrated after 3PM, making my blood pressure to augment to the hypertension level at the end of the afternoon and at the evening and after the 8 hours of active Parnate in my blood, my blood pressure return to a normal state with a gradual reduction of it...That's logical...I think...

Yeah, me too. I've noticed a small increase in frequency of low BP too. Lots of insomnia also. So maybe by not sticking to a firm dosing schedule, I did this by accident/stupidity-Ha?

> So it's probably what happen to you also. Maybe a good trick to not miss your morning dose will be to put your alarm clock...I know, sometimes with insomnia that's suck

what sucks is being depressed! I'll be back on morning schedule anyway after the weekend for school

to have to wake up just for taking pills, but it's a good trick... I do this for now, I don't want to take my first morning dose after 8AM so I put my alarm clock, since I fall asleep very fast but wake up several times at night and I sleep more well in the morning, I don't want to miss my morning dose and be destabilized for all the day after...
> Well...Maybe Scott answer already, I don't read the others post...but I hope you will be find and you will find a good solution for your problems ;-)
> Have a nice day and take care of you ok ;-)
> Bye!
> VIncent ;-)

Thanks Vincent, you helped me a lot. I have a better understanding of the importance of timing now. Sounds like were on the same path so lets keep each other posted, ok? I read I think you are going to use the chart from Scott, me too. Lets see how we do!





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