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Re: Parnate + orthostatic hypotension (30mg/day) SLS

Posted by Vincent_QC on December 26, 2008, at 21:38:01

In reply to Re: Parnate + orthostatic hypotension (30mg/day) Vincent_QC, posted by SLS on December 26, 2008, at 16:24:09

> I found that the hypotension produced by Parnate resolved with the passage of time. The first time I tried it, I began nearly fainting once I reached 60mg. It mitigated after a few days and then resolved almost entirely after a few weeks. In the more recent past, I have been able to progress to 150mg without experiencing hypotension at all. I now take 80mg.
> Just one stubborn person...
> - Scott

Hi Scoot ;-)
So you din't experienced orthostatic hypotension before 60mg? I had a lot of hypotension on Nadil back in 2007,only at 90mg, the recommended dosage I think...and it never fade away with time (3 months) I guess i'm more predisposed to do ortho hypo than you...

I'm just at 30mg of Parnate, so it's why I found it to be a very low dosage to experience orthostatic hypotension no? On other hands, it's write in the official facts sheet .pdf document from GSK website for the parnate that orthostatic hypotension is a MAJOR side-effect, with 30mg dose and more...

I also found that this side-effect is on and off and it tend to decrease a little bit day after day. The weird thing with the Parnate is that one day I feel really tired and I experience a lot of orthostatic hypotension and high blood pressure and the day after I feel in great shape...That's strange no?

I hope the Ortho Hypo will fade away with times, like you experienced ;-) I feel this time I will be able to do something with my social phobia.

Yeah, the Parnate have a lot of side-effects (Less than all SSRI's...), well on me, I found it to be very sedating, except if I take the whole 30mg dose in one shoot but if I do this it worse my orthostatic hypotension. I also eat more on it so I gain weight as usual...and my eyes burn... I have to buy some eyes drops I think...but again that's only me, I always have differents side-effects, at least differents than the ones on the official list.

No, i'm not feeling a lot of benefits from the Parnate already, I don't feel more energic and I don't get more motivation to do things or going outside, in fact, I have to deal with extreme "fatigue" and I have to get motivated a lot to just do my regular routine (take my shower, clean my room and the house, do some laundry and go take a coffe with a friend at night...), most of the time, I just wait at the evening to take my shower, put some clean clothes and go out with my friend...during the day, I return often in my bed and i'm very lazy...

For now, the Parnate help me to reduce my intake of valium, I feel less the "craving" for benzo drugs on the Parnate so it make it a good potential medecine of choice for a long term treatment.

Ok, I continue to take my Valium, because if I don't do it, I have this fraking sensation inside my head, like I will do a seizure...but I reduce my intake of 5mg in 6 days...I was on 20mg/day of Valium before, now i'm only at 15mg.

Today, I had a family dinner for Christmas with a lot of uncles, aunts, cousins, cousines and childs and I take only 2.5mg before I go there. Last year I didn't go at all because I didn't had the courage to do it... Yeah, I was a lot shy, I just sit a a table with my sisters, I don't say hi at first to the people there, I wait after my sister to go take a plate of foods on the buffet , I don't talk a lot to my cousins and cousines...or play with childs...but I go there and it was a kind of improve for me... Anyway, out of subject again...sorry...

Can I ask you a question? Why you taked a high amount of Parnate like this? 150mg for me, it seem to be a high dose...80mg seem to be a more normal dose now...I hope you're feeling ok now ;-)

I plan to up the dose to a maximum of 60mg...cause my psychiatrist is very reticent about a more high dose than this, and also because it's too soon to see if 30 mg will be enought for me, i'm on 30mg only since 6 days.

Well thanks for your answer and the fact that you share your experience with me ;-) You give me some hope ;-)




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