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Parnate + orthostatic hypotension (30mg/day)

Posted by Vincent_QC on December 24, 2008, at 18:32:59

Hi everyone!
I know that I ask a lot of questions about the Parnate since 3 weeks, but i'm not feeling very good right now, especially since yesterday afternoon.

To do a short story, I beging the parnate at 10mg/day for 1 week, increase it at 20mg/day the week after and I begin the 30mg/day last sunday (or monday, I can't remember well...).

I had only one orthostatic hypotension episode at the 20mg/day dose. Someone here advise me to devide my daily dose and give more space between my it's what I do...I devided my dose into 10mg AM and 10mg PM...It was ok, I mean not that bad.

Since I increase my dosage to 30mg/day, I feel really strange. In the morning, I take 20mg when I wake up and 10 mg at noon or sometimes just 30mg in one shoot before 8 AM. My afternoons and nights are bad, the good feeling I have in the morning, the good energy feeling and the improve I feel, they all fade away and it's change completly to a BIG lack of energy, and worst of that, I do a LOT of orthostatic hypotension.

I stop the Nardil 90mg/day because of the same problem, the orthostatic hypotension never fade away after 3 months on that dose...Now it's seem that i'm stick with the same problem with the Parnate...

My doctor give to me some Florinef (0.05 mg/day to take with food). It's suppose to help with the orthostatic hypotension but it's worst than ever. Before I had just orthostatic hypotension when I climbing stairs with the common adverses effects (blurred vision, tinnitus, fast pulse, faint and syncope)... but now it's always like that. I sit on the computer chair and when I get up, it's beging and I feel bad for 2-3 minutes...Same thing apply when I just lying in my bed and want to get up...I feel really bad for a couple of minutes, I have to sit again and wait and if I get up again it continue.

The strange thing is that I don't have a low blood pressure. I monitor it more since the orthostatic hypotension begin last monday and it's always at the acceptable limit of 140/90, sometimes 150/95...with a slow pulse rate 40-50. That's really strange...Do you think the Florinef will increase my blood pressure like this and worst it ???

On the Nardil, I never had high blood pressure like this, in fact I had a too low blood pressure and it was probably why I had so much problem with my orthostatic tension, but now that's seem to not be the case...

How I can explain the fact that I have orthostatic hypotension if my BP is high? I don't understand...Is it normal? Maybe i'm wrong, someone know if blood pressure have a link with orthostatic hypotension or you can have high BP and have also orthostatic hypotension at the same time?

I have to say that I respect the diet at that's not the cause of the high BP...

That's too bad, I had big hope on the Parnate treatment, and I was feeling good on it also, especially at 30mg/day, but just in the morning. I don't understand why the effect seem to not be stable at all and don't stay all day long (I mean the good feeling of well being and the energy level)?

Do you think return to 20mg for a couple of days can help? I wanted to up my dosage again next week at 40mg, it seem that I will have to forget it!!!

Someone know if I can hope a recovery of my social phobia on only 20mg/day or 30mg/day?

If I devide my dose into 10mg before 8AM, 10mg at noon and 10mg at 3PM, it will reduce my orthostatic hypotension problem?

I have so many questions...but no answer...since it's christmas holidays, I can't reach my doctor or my psychiatrist to help me with that...

And the high blood pressure make me really anxious as well as the orthostatic hypotension. That's sensation scarry me a lot...

Well, thanks in advance for the help...

BTW, I wish to someone on this board a happy Christmas...I hope you will have a great time, even if some people like me feel not a lot in a good mood... ;-)




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