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Re: Parnate - anyone on over 70 mg/day? paddo

Posted by JadeKelly on December 14, 2008, at 19:39:43

In reply to Re: Parnate - anyone on over 70 mg/day?, posted by paddo on December 14, 2008, at 18:04:27

> Hello back JadeKelly, my limited understanding in my country Australia re: psychdoctors. Some not all doctors are very consertive in relation to meds in general. It took a lot of persuasion on my part for my psychdoctor to get with the *plan* for increase in parnate . The big plus if you like was to refer to this site. Jury is out on Lamictal , Jade i have a very very complicated health issues .. one of which is epilepsy .. Lamictal good for epilepsy not real sure on the depressive effect on depression/anx .. many speak of its positve effect, lamictal is good for individuals with bipolar .. new year will speak to neuropsychdoctor on that subject .. long time since last seizure . I will in time get back to you on that, our medical situation maybe like other countries is a gongo line of patients. Jade i attribute the good days .. nothing more than ever so slow of Avitan, a benzo into the process, i take morning and nite slows the mind decreases rumination weeping,irrits volitility etc: general misery, meds work in msyterious ways .. what do you think on that subject. Yes Jade your friends theory had a lot of merit no doubt. Parnate is a long long road ..then suddenly for some ..the corner comes. Who knows when. I like your humour Jade whether its morbid or just plain laughing if your in a moment. Thinking what does this all mean has to have some morbid/general humour in misery ha ha . I must share with you Jade . I have lurked for quite awhile .. i honestly couldnt think straight to ask any questions. Real real bad foggy thinking, oh god the lack of concentration not worthy the list goes on. To be perfectly honest right this moment, my general thought.. Am i making sense ..weird. Maybe i just maybe haha. Jade, yes stacks of good intelligent woman and men. Jade given the ups and downs with misery more than happy to share my story with you. Lets make this a boomorang share as you like with me on anything ok. Oh i nearly forgot. Ocd S.A comes with the dep/anx jade its a story of itself. The general believe Jade whether its right or wrong .. no dep/anx comes alone .. for some it can be Ocd etc. Many many thanks for you correspondence to me. Parnate has taken a long long time to "kick" in ..yep in a small way my believe ..parnate is a factor in this complicated illness. If i have left anything else Jade please mail back. In the meantime may this season bring with it some peace for you. Take care Jade. I am thinking of you. Paddo ..

Hello Paddo,

I'm unusually timely today, well, mainly cause I have nothing I feel like doing. So here I sit being lazy on my computer! First Paddo, your illnesses won't scare me, my son has Epilepsy since age 3, and bi-polarI started at age 16. I, myself have MDD, but I do believe Parnate is starting to work. Its a little transient right now, some good days, some ok days, but no days like when this he*l started (my first depression) I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, well, maybe just one or two people. But I promise they deserve it. So, if your docs are conservatve by nature, your lucky to get an MAOI I think. A lot of Docs here wont prescribe them. I got a little confused back there, are you getting good response from Parnate? How long on it? But then you were saying any good mood comes from benzos? Is it both? Parnate hasn't kicked in yet? I don't get "high" on benzos so no risk for me, but I'd just be careful with them if they make you feel really good, can be very addictive. Whats a "gongo line of patients" haha? Sorry, it just sounds funny! Paddo, don't worry what your posts sound like. We have good days, we have bad days. We're all a little wierd (I'll probably pay for that). As for what I think of "general misery"? I think it suc*s. And yes, I agree medicines work in mysterious ways. If you're asking me what my feeling on taking benzos in small amounts to get you through the most difficult moments, I think its fine as long as you don't take more than prescibed. They may help till you get full effect of Parnate. Oh, two questions, out of order:

1. When the jury announces its verdict on the Lamictal, will you let me know? I'm thinking of adding it to the Parnate.

2. Can't remember, feel better now? My brain is not working anymore so I will say goodnight.

I look forward to getting to know you better!





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