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Re: Parnate - anyone on over 70 mg/day? desolationrower

Posted by JadeKelly on December 9, 2008, at 13:45:01

In reply to Re: Parnate - anyone on over 70 mg/day?, posted by desolationrower on December 9, 2008, at 4:31:30

> > 1. Drank 2 beers (Coors lite) night before, both nights. Could alcohol interfere with small benefit I'm getting? Or with low BP?
> >
> > 2. This morning slept REALLY late so didn't get Parnate till late. Am I surviving on tiny bit NE? Maybe had some w/d's?
> >
> > Really don't think I'm getting the "real thing" yet. I think I'm getting small buzz off NE/EP cause I always feel better little while after dose.
> I don't think timing or a beer is going to have a huge effect.

Well thats a relief cause I had quit with my eve coctail (wine) hour, maybe if I can add that back I'll feel better about this waiting. Also, I like taking my Parnate dose all at once, Scott said he'd never heard of that, or never heard Doc scribe it that way. You think its ok 50mg as one dose?
> > Do you mind telling me your dosing schedule from beginning? How long on each dose, how long you've been on it, if you're responding? Anything else you can tell me? Do you take anything that you think effects your result (augment, adjunct, d/r's secret homemade recipe?)
> I started a 40mg. had a response to that after a week. spent a few weeks there, and then went to 60mg. no difference. I also take
> 50mg trazodone - for sleep
> 600mg adrafinil
> 20mg memantine - i am impatient, and think polypharmacy is a good idea, so i added this, as the only otehr option to modify glutamateric system with some evidence for unipoal depression is lamotrigine, and i didn't want to worry about rash, and memantine also prevents stim tolerance
> various neutraceutical things. w-3 oil, ALCAR, very low dose lithium, b-complex, d3, minerals,

So since I can't tolerate provigil, do you think its ok to take small amount of ritalin 5mg 3xday, along with my Parnate,(up to 50mg day)? And add memantine? I have zero energy, its starting to really interfere with my life. I stopped Ritalin (after years of a friendly relationship) a bit before starting Parnate as per PDoc. Now the challenge would be to get Ritalin prescribed.

> dysphoric mood ended with the tranylcypromine.

So you are happy with (results of) Parnate? Glad your dysphoric mood is gone, just wondered if it did all you wanted it to. At 60mg, you feel no lift in any depressive symptoms other than dysphoric mood? (Maybe you answered that next)

anxiety and sluggishness/daydreaming/laziness which i don't think are caused by depression it does not help with.
> > I'm taking Klonopin 3mg daily for old neck injury. Don't need it anymore (don't think), could kick myself for not d/c before Parnate but wanted to start so bad. Could that be interfering with result?
> probably not
> > Btw-I was going to find you today, I'm sure you know I used to "lurk" here a lot, did you know "Pheonix I"? Remember reading post about what happened when he went from Nardil (Canada ran out) to Parnate, I believe overnight, then I think back to Nardil. It was a quick (couple days?) taper. Anyway, outcome was PRES. If you don't know him could you do a search and check it out? I don't want to give Shawn bad advice. He already had that bad experience with 105mg Nardil.
> >
> > He may be seeing a Doc soon, that isn't known for being stingy in handing out whatever.
> whats 'pres'?
> myabe i'nm not sure what you're asking

Sorry, thought it was common term, I believe from posts re: PheonixI that its bleeding in the brain, causing pressure, causing stroke. Something like that. Can result from HTC.
> -d/r

Thanks d/r,

Just getting frustrated.





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