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Re: Do you people realize these meds make you worse ?

Posted by bulldog2 on August 18, 2008, at 18:45:09

In reply to Do you people realize these meds make you worse ?, posted by HereToHelp on August 18, 2008, at 14:13:34

> I've been reading post after post. I even read the archives trying to find answers for myself. It seems as though the same posters have been posting on here for some time now. Like me, you have all tried med after med, after med.
> I can only tell you from my own experience, it appears that we are putting lots of money into the pharmaceutical co. pockets while we suffer from the crazy side effects of these medications. I'm sure there are some that have found relief from some meds on here, but I for one havn't and I can tell you from personal experience, I feel worse off now than I ever did before trying to find a magic pill to make me feel better.
> I suffer mostly from Anxiety. Depression has stuck it's nasty head in from time to time. Though I was never depressed in the beginning, it seems as though some of the meds actually made me depressed.
> Now that I'm coming off everything but the Xanax for now, I am feeling the posion coming out of my body as I go into withdrawal now for the past week trying to detoxify my body. Who knows if my initial anxiety wasn't exacerbated by the meds all this time. Maybe once I've detoxed, my anxiety will be gone and maybe, just maybe, it was a transient thing I was going through due to high stressors at a point in my life that are now gone. I won't know for sure until I'm clean. Then benzos will take time to get off of, but at least they don't mess with my Serotonin, Norepinephrine, or Dopamine.
> Think about it. The first time you stuck a pill in your mouth, did your Dr. know if you had a Serotonin problem, or was it Norepi, or Dopamine, or Glutamine, or Acetylcholine, or one of the dozens and dozens of neurotransmitters involved that can cause anxiety and or depression.
> We are all playing guinea pigs. I'm done. I'm glad I found this site. I feel for each and everyone one of you out there suffering from your particular disorder.
> Although I'm going through major W/D right now coming off Zoloft, once I'm done, if I need something to calm me, I will go the Natural route to Valerian root, Kava, or the like. From what I read, these routes cause no addiction, tolerance, or physical dependance.
> It's gonna take me 2 years now to get off Xanax. I will do it slow as they reccomend and I pray to god that I don't feel terrible while doing it. I followed my MD's advice on how to come down on the Zoloft and it has been pure hell. I can't even work, as the rebount Anxiety is so intense. I don't know if it's pure Akathisia, Regular anxiety or a combination of the two. The anxiety and the brain zaps are so overwhelming, I can hardly move. Every time I take a step, I get Zapped. Thank god, I can sleep at the end of each day, but it's terrible waking up feeling short of breath and anxious. I hope these meds havn't shortened my life span from all the stress and discomfort it has caused me.
> Sorry if I sound so mad, and angry. Looking back, I can't believe I have put so many different meds over the years in me. Who knows what permanent damage this may cause the human brain. With over 10 Trillion cells in the brain, I pray, the cells will regenerate and restore me back to Homeostasis, which is what the body attempts to do no matter what your situation is.
> I know this a lengthy post, but I just don't want anyone to go through what I've been through. While the rest of the world moves on, we stay stuck. I for one will no longer let life pass me by. I am determined to get well and will find an alternative way to do so.
> After reading post after post, I have come across very few success stories. Some report relief only to follow up that it only lasted a few days. The mind is so complex. I think I read somewhere that we only understand about 5% of have the mind truly works. If this is true, than what about the 95% we don't know about? 5% is pretty low to be putting poison in my body. I didn't start out with this attitude, but after failure after failure, I'm done. Again, sorry so long, and sorry if I'm being redundant. These are just my own thoughts and opinions. I don't want to debate the issue, thats not my purpose for this post. I truly care about the world and the people in it. I hate to see anyone suffer, hence the only reason why I write this blog.

The problem is not just psychiatry but the entire medical system. Doctors and pharm companies cannot make money unless we are sick. If we all ate right and exercised the number of visits to doctors would go down dramatically. Docs make money writing scripts for high blood pressure meds, cholesterol lowering drugs etc. How often do docs recommend life style changes. Now it's good that these drugs are available for those who might not respond to diet and exercise and life style changes. However if we all ate good organice food and exercised daily (even if only a walk) and kept our weight down the medical establishment would go broke.




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