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Re: Suboxone???? Is it only for Opiates or an Ad Too?

Posted by undopaminergic on May 28, 2008, at 2:32:05

In reply to Re: Suboxone???? Is it only for Opiates or an Ad Too?, posted by undopaminergic on May 26, 2008, at 21:51:45

> > I got some buprenorphine (Temgesic) sublingual tablets from the pharmacy today.
> >

That was on the 26th.

> > I immediately took one 0.10 mg dose sublingually, and another 0.10 mg after about 30 minutes. No effects were noticed in the next 30 minutes or so, which led me to take a 0.20 mg dose intranasally, just a few minutes ago. In a few hours, I hope there's something new to report, or I may have to take another dose.
> >
> I did not need to take another dose.

However, at bedtime, in the early morning of the 27th, I did take another 0.20 mg intranasally in order to put the sedative [side-]effects of the drug to good use. It worked well, and my "night" (morning-day-evening actually) seemed more comfortable than usual, although I cannot tell whether my sleep was more restful or refreshing than usual.

> Indeed, the 0.40 mg I took was probably a bit excessive, as I experienced moderate nausea, although I did not get close to throwing up. Slightly before the onset of nausea, I also noticed some dizziness, which was not related to a drop in blood pressure. Also somewhat before the onset of nausea, I became more tolerant to cold - or less tolerant to heat, and I sweating was noticeable increased, but not to a remarkable extent. The dizziness subsided before the nausea, which dissipated in a few hours. Because I did not establish baseline body temperature or blood pressure readings, and in fact didn't check my temperature at all, no meaningful comments can be made about the possible effects of the drug on these parameters.

Today, on the 28th of May (actually around 3 o'clock in the middle of the night), after getting out of bed, I took 0.20 mg intranasally, and noticed no side effects, which led me to take another 0.10 mg i.n. - not long afterwards, I again experienced a slight tendency to nodding, as if I were tired, and I decided to take an extra dose of methylphenidate. There was no dizziness today, and practically no nausea - until later, as detailed below.

I took the initiative to take a shower, which is something I might not have found the motivation to do if it weren't for buprenorphine (BUP). Moreover, before the shower, I intentionally engaged in vigorous physical exercise, which I would definitely not have done without BUP. Furthermore, I was able to tolerate as much of 10 minutes of the exercise, which is more than 5 minutes longer than what I've been able to endure for a long time (months, or perhaps even years - unless the excercise had a very compelling practical purpose). During the exercise, my breathing was much more relaxed than usual - I would normally breathe heavily and quit the exercise for lack of air long before my muscular powers ran out, but this time it was the opposite - my strength ran out first. The only negative effect of my experience was the dawn of some slight nausea, which subsided during the shower that followed.

During the shower, I found my skills of cleaning myself improved. The task was much more rationally executed, and my working memory was capable of keeping track of the areas already washed and those remaining, and as a result I was able to avoid redundant repetitions. Rather than constantly drifting off into my usual distacting throughts and daydreams, I was able to focus on the task of washing myself, and to execute it rationally and thoroughly. This experience is absolutely exceptional for me, and I cannot recall anything of the kind ever happening in my lifetime of showering - this remarkable experience can definitely be attributed to the use of BUP - possibly with a little help from methylphenidate, as synergism between these drugs is quite possible.

The excessive sweating seen with yesterdays use of BUP has not repeated itself so far today - during my exercise (see above), I actually found myself less prone to sweating than has usually been the case during previous occasions of exercise. I still find my tolerance to cold to be greatly enhanced, as I did after yesterday's dose of BUP.

Despite a near absence of nausea today, the disinterest in food that I experienced yesterday appears to remain in effect this day as well. However, the reduced intake of fluids (mostly tea and fruit juices) is now much less apparent.

I've also noticed an enhanced disinterest in matters related to sex. Although I do not find BUP to be as sexually numbing as the SSRIs, it appears to reduce - or nearly abolish - any tendency to sexual arousal to a much greater extent than the serotonergics, and I thus found orgasm impossible during my shower. However, the loss of a few seconds of modest pleasurable sensation is not a significant sacrifice as far as I'm concerned, and the loss is more than fully compensated for by the benefit of increased freedom from distractions of a sexual nature.

Yesterday, I forgot to report the side effects of dryness of the mouth and constriction of the pupils (miosis). The miosis fully remains till this point, but the dryness of the mouth seems to have lessened slightly. I've also been experiencing an unusual tendency to muscular tension - in particular around the neck and shoulders - which is completely unexpected and the opposite of the remarkable relaxation previously experienced with codeine.

The improved motivation, enhancement of executive function - including the capacity for organisation, and the reduced tendencies to procrastination and laziness are at least as apparent today as they were yesterday. The improvement of working memory may have been present yesterday, but was not clearly noticed until today.

In summary, so far so good.




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