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Stimulant /Benzo combo - experiences, feedback plz

Posted by megabored on January 2, 2006, at 1:05:08

Hello to All, and happy holidays!

First I guess, some background on my situation. Around 7 or 8 years ago I was diagnosed with Inattentive ADD, and was initially prescribed Ritalin. The side effects, most notably the edginess it created, led to a switch to Adderall.
Adderall is what I have been using since that time (about 7 years) and it has helped me immensely.

Before my ADD diagnosis, I was also suffering from anxiety. I've also taken a few "med breaks" from Adderall and during those times my anxiety level remained just as high as when taking Adderall - my anxiety is not caused by the stimulant use. I'm just trying to emphasize that my anxiety exists regardless of whether or not I am using a stimulant.

Upon discussing my anxiety with my doctor, he initially let me try Xanax, which I soon after asked him to switch to Klonopin (partially thanks to the many Klonopin praises I'd read on psychobabble, which I have browsed for a few years but have pretty much remained a non-poster). I found Klonopin to be a wonderful medication, and it greatly helped me with anxiety.

So, it may seem that the story ends here, and I live happily ever after and ride off into the sunset etc etc, but unfortunately it doesn't.

The problem is that my current pdoc does not prescribe benzo's and stimulants simultaneously.

So, when I have asked him for Klonopin he stops my Adderall prescription. After being relieved of my anxiety from the Klonopin, I am trapped in my ADD symptoms again - being unable to focus or concentrate on anything long enough to even begin making anything resembling progress. So inevitably I go back to my doc and say that I have to get back on Adderall - being without it is debilitating for me. Of course then he stops writing me Klonopin prescriptions.

I'll try to wrap this up now (sorry for the monster post). Basically, against my docs advice, I had some left-over Klonopin and tried it with the Adderall - the effect the combo has is great. Of course I'm running out and will be back at square 1 soon with only 1 of the 2 meds.

Can anyone please give me some feedback, advice, or anything on their experiences with this combo? I have read a few threads on psychobabble where people have apparently successfully used the combo, but have not been able to find anything on the web regarding the simultaneous use of stimulants and benzos.

By the way, I've been seeing the same psychiatrist for the entire 8 years. Thinking of trying a new one who might be willing to help me with my problems. I'm assuming, and hoping, that there are pdocs out there who will prescribe this combo.

If you've read my post, thank you for having the patience to have reached the end :) Apologies for wordiness.

Any experiences/feedback/advice would be much appreciated.

thanks everyone,




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