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Re: Going back on Anafranil (Clomipramine) :-/ SLS

Posted by rod on July 11, 2005, at 17:35:58

In reply to Re: Going back on Anafranil (Clomipramine) :-/ rod, posted by SLS on July 11, 2005, at 7:34:56

Hi Scott

> > There are no real options left anymore. I reviewed my "tried drug sheet" and apart from Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline (which pooped out quite much :-( ) Clomipramine was the 3rd "best"
> I don't see imipramine. I don't see Effexor. I don't see lithium. I don't see thyroid. I don't see Tegretol or Trileptal. Of course, I don't see all the combinations you have tried.

ok. I forgot:
T3 augmentation of Nortriptyline
Fish Oil

And I have taken most of the drugs in various combinations. Well, do you want me to write all combinations too? Well if its important for you I will try to do it. So, Should I?

I have not tried: (which isnt available)
Imipramine (not available anymore)
Trimipramine (na)
Desipramine (na)
Protriptyline (na)
Lofepramine (na)
Parnate (na)
Nardil (na)

available, untried stuff:

all other AEDs except Lamictal, Neurontin and Lyrica
Tegretol (maybe also worth a try. I have read it reduces negative symptoms in shiz. or was it trileptal? hmm I guess both do quite the same. right?)
Valproic acid stuff
+other AEDs available

Lithium (ok. I could give it a try)

Dibenzepine (thats the name of the drug itself. not the class)

Haldol ;-O just a joke...

Duloxetine (not yet available. And I dont expect much from it..)
Agomelatine (hopefully will be avail. soon. worth a shot)

And the CRF Antagonist (these are the drugs that will do the trick IMO)
maybe in 5 years?

> Is metyrapone available in your country?

I cant see its available, unfortunatly

> How did you respond to crappy moclobemide?

Was crap. It wasnt as bad as your reaction to it (hmm some things very well stay in my memory), but made me worse. Especially when I combined it with Adrafinil later. After a short significant improvement, it made me much worse.

> * What drugs did you have a partial or brief response to?

well most of the drugs had some good sides
Some worked for a short time. some for a few days. some made me worse.

Had partial response to the SSRIs (Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, (Effexor), (Anafranil)) Which just meant they had some good effects, but most of them where worse. especially cognition. There were episodes of improvement but in the end they often made me worse. No anticholinergic drugs produce such a "stupor" as the serotonergic drugs do to me. Actually I would have to write an essay about every drug to describe the effect in detail. Its hard to gerenralise.
Anafranil had the lowest impact on cognition, numbness and sexual dysfunction. Thats why I reconsider it.

Amitrip (had best response to this drug ever. Was almost in clinical remission. But my supersmart doc wanted to put me on Prozac. I ended up taking Zyprexa, Prozac and Ami. I got extremely worse over time. since then, ami alone makes me worse. I guess it did some harm. And Prozac can greatly increase blood levels of Ami)


Lamictal (cognitive side effects. Felt like being on an SSRI)

Methylphenidat (but only in combo with DHEA, without, I crash after a short time)

Abilify (SSRI like effect)

Mirapex (stupor and apathy on the long term)





DHEA / 7-Keto DHEA mood brightening and anti stress. But I seem to develop tolerance to it. Once a pdoc told me that DHEA is very well known to poop out for psychiatric purposes. I guess your body can compensate the artificial intake over time.

well, thats all, I think

Scott, since you are on Parnate, do you find it having an impact on your "core symptoms"? Does it make you a bit more talkative? How is cognition. How is "shyness"? Does it make you anxious, nervous or inhibited?

Right now, I havent chenged anything yet. I somehow think about driving to Slovakia or the other eastern european countries to get some PARNATE!? if available.

bye and thanks

PS: if something is unclear just ask. I am a it confused today...




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