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Re: Not that it matters...Just my opinion Mr.Scott

Posted by SLS on May 19, 2005, at 8:47:37

In reply to Re: Not that it matters...Just my opinion SLS, posted by Mr.Scott on May 18, 2005, at 20:19:24

> Although it's unclear from your post exactly how, I am sorry if I offended you.

I didn't feel personally offended by your post as it wasn't directed at me as an individual. However, I did find your post to be generally offensive in that it invalidated my thoughts and behaviors, and those of at least 85% of the other people posting here whom you deem as simply "neurotic" and without a true mental illness. I might add that, to the extent to which the old term "neurosis" might still exist in the vocabulary of those people whom were educated before the publication of the DSM III, I would think that any of these people might be offended as well.

> My frustration anyway... is hopefully clear by now.


> Meanwhile as we obsess over pills...

There's that word again - "obsess". I always get the sense that this word is used in a slightly negative or pejorative manner. For me, I find that I am "focused" on my treatment and "vigilent" to achieve my goal of mental health. My life depends on this "obsession".

> Some jerk be it a physician, a drug company exec, or an insurance company beaurocrat, either makes a decision that affects our lives or directly profits from our misery offering little return.

Yes. However, I am still optimistic that much of the research being conducted in neuroscience and mental illness is still being supported by entities not so biased by capitalism. Unfortunately, not even the NIH has been immune from the evolution of conflicts of interest. Currently, this is being remediated by the setting of new policies. It would be great if it could be ascertained what percentage of studies conducted by universities are funded by or overseen by pharmaceutical companies. I really don't know. Nevertheless, I remain without cynicism and I believe that there are really smart people out there doing very smart things for reasons that are genuinely altruistic.

> I wish that myself and my fellows (you all) were more free to participate in life and less hampered by ill moods

> and then further distracted by having to do so much of our own research.

Unfortunately, it seems that your two wishes are mutually inclusive for most of the people here. You don't get to #1 without first accomplishing #2.

> There's nothing wrong with trying to find help for a fact you're foolish not too. And being an informed consumer is also a good thing.

You apparantly contradict yourself here and are forced to conclude that everyone's "obsessiveness" over pills is actually the playing of an active role in securing one's health and making life worth living.

Scott, I hope you reevaluate your alternatives once your level of anger and frustration abate. Perhaps this is a good time for you to be without medication and assess your need for it. Perhaps not. However, there is nothing wrong with seeking answers while indulging in life along the way.

- Scott




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