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Re: Benzos and other stuff

Posted by cache-monkey on March 20, 2005, at 19:00:55

In reply to Re: Benzos and other stuff cache-monkey, posted by barbaracat on March 19, 2005, at 16:22:36

<< The electrolytes we need are:

sodium (Na+)
potassium (K+)
chloride (Cl-)
calcium (Ca2+)
magnesium (Mg2+)
bicarbonate (HCO3-)
phosphate (PO42-)
sulfate (SO42-)

The only one not prevalent in the salt is bicarbonate, but that's where the baking soda comes in. So, a great electrolyte drink would be to make up a sole which is a saturated solution of the Himalayan salt (you order the large crystals and simply put a bunch in a jar and add water until the crystals no longer dissolve. This is a 28% saturated solution that is basically the reconstituted original seawater.) One teaspoon of this sole and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a quart of diluted juice is vastly superior to any sports drink out there. I like cranberry juice and dilute it 1/2 and 1/2 with water, it masks the baking soda somewhat. It doesn't hurt to supplement with extra minerals, but get them in an ionic form for assimilation. A few grains of this salt in drinking water allows it to filter through cell membranes easier. You can drink plenty of water, but if you're 'osmotically challenged', it has a hard time getting into the cells. >>

Quite a cocktail. Alright, I'll check out the Himalayan salt, already! Sheesh.

<< If you want a something premixed, a product called 'Hydralyte' is great. You can order it at I think the Fruit Punch tastes the best. It's a great site that explains all about the horrors of dehydration. Something we Lithium users have to take seriously. By all means, stay away from those crappy commercial sports drinks. No good. It's amazing they get away with that marketing bullsh*t. >>

That actually seems quite cheap, or comparable to Gatorade in price, at least. Is Gatorade one of the "crappy" drinks to stay away from? How come?

<< > In fact the ride up Li has (knock wood) been remarkable smooth. Hopefully the dose increase (which should get me to therapeutic levels) will be alright.

**Well, good. Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones that can benefit from lithium, as I do. I've found it very smooth and calming. It's a very interesting drug. Do a Google search on neuroprotective+lithium or neurogenesis+lithium and you'll be pleased at how good it actually is for the brain. Life extention folks use it for anti-aging. >>

Yeah, so this last dose adjustment has been a little less smooth. I've been noticing some definite polyuria action. I posted further down the board about this, but my bladder and prostate actually feel a little sore right now. It's kind of annoying, and I hope it subsides with time. If it doesn't, I'll have to push for a "sub-clinical" dose of Li with my pdoc. He won't be happy, though, since he (like your pdoc) is fixed on a magical number for for the lithium serum level. Anyway, time will tell, I suppose.

<< Are you taking fish oil, BTW? I don't think we've talked about that, but it's a big piece in my recovery. It seems to be so important to cellular health in general. The one I take is Carlson's Fish Oil, 2 Tbl a day. I get it from Pills aren't such a good idea because you have to take a handful to get the optimal amount (9-12G) and the oil is frequently rancid in pills. The Carlson's is lemon flavored and actually tasty. I'll tell you, though, all this mixing potions and stuff takes time. And money. >>

I tried fish oil for about three, with the goal of getting 1000 mg EPA (and, based on the formulation I was using, 200 of DHA). I think that it might have been making me more anxious and discontinued about two weeks ago. I rechallenge with it at some point, but for now I want to figure out what the Lithium is doing.

<< Well, this has been a nice way to spend a lovely rainy day in Oregon. I love the rain, luckily. So do those big fir trees outside my window. It's helped me to put my regimen down on paper and appreciate everything this wild journey has taught me. - Barbara >>

It's been definitely good for me to get feedback from someone who's a bit ahead of me in the game. You've definitely provided me a number of avenues to explore, as well as a comforting voice in the middle of all my mental health anxiety. Rain's on the way out here, now (New England), which always makes me feel a little bluer. Luckily I'm moving to slightly clearer skies in a few months. Hopefully I'll be taking a clearer, healthier head with me.

All the best,




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