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Re: Are any of these new GABA meds effective?

Posted by HoldenYosarian on February 15, 2005, at 2:46:38

In reply to Re: Are any of these new GABA meds effective?, posted by sabre on February 13, 2005, at 23:13:36

> Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou, Holden.
> This is what I have been wanting to know.
> Tyrosine is one of the only supplements that have yielded any results for approx 2g/day. But the effect wears out after a few weeks and I have to go off it. I had been wondering about using Reboxetine as I can get in Australia and the gp said she was happy to prescribe it.
> SSRIs are awful, including Tryptophan.
> I started looking into GABA and have recently played around with GABA, Phenibut and Picamilon but didn't get the results I was after. I sidetracked to glutamine and have found it very stimulating esp at about 2g/day. I tried mixing 500mg with valium yesterday but the valium sedation won.
> Propanalol and glutamine are a little better but not what I'm after.
> I thought that perhaps if I found a regulator or enhancer of the glutamate to GABA conversion that I would find social ease. I've unearthed references to taurine and theanine having this addition to GABA prescription drugs.
> At the same time I also found a reference to
> It mentioned that NA and DA are modulators of glutamate to GABA conversion.
> So is this what you are talking about?
> I'll go and look up your suggestions.
> Thanks again, Holden and welcome to Babble.
> sabre

O.K. sabre, a bit more advice--glad to help anyway possible, by the way.
1. You haven't been taking enough tyronsine. You need at least 3 g/ day to realize any potential antidepressant benefits. Problem is, it's metabolized not only into dopamine and noradrenaline (norepinepherine), but epinepherine, as well (i.e. adrenaline) in the medulla--which means if you have problems with anxiety to begin with, the epinepherine's going to aggravate it. However, you can forestall this with a beta-blocker--so my recommendation would be to try tyrosine again, increase to at least 3 g/day, progressing up to 5 before giving up, and adding a beta-blocker at the same time.

2. As far as the glutamine is concerned, don't take over 3 g/day. You'll risk burning out neurons with an "excitatory" effect at a higher dosage. This is serious sh*t. We're talking significant brain damage--if used at that strength for any length of time.

Sounds like your main issue is Noradrenaline, if Tyrosine was so helpful--dopamine is a byproduct of Tyrosine, of course, so I'd recommend you ask your pdoc for some wellbutrin, as well.
When referring to social ease, you'll find you're main concern is cortisol. L-theanine is a fairly good tool to head-off cortisol production (they haven't figured out exactly why or how) and is also metabolized into dopamine and norepinepherine. Epimedium (an herb) is one of the all around best cortisol fighters, and is considered an "adaptogen", as it contributes to increases in and stabilization of neurotransmitter function. L-Methionine should also be on your list. Tuanrine's a great calmative, and there's no L or D form, so don't bother looking---it's just called Taurine. Many swear by it.
One wary of the psyches (you mentioned a site). They're not scientists--less so that the average physician--and only rarely do their homework, as a rule, I've found.
I can't say say I completely disagree with what you've said regarding the site's advice, expecially considering I haven't seen it---but if it is as you say, the context is off. You see, Glutamine is used as a fuel in the production of both Da, Na, and many other factors and co-factors. DA and NA are "modulators" of Glutamine translation to GABA because they are formed first, and it's only what's left over that's translated to GABA. It's main affect is on ATP production and cellular metabolism--thus the energy. Little is actually translated into GABA.
I understand your pain, and the everpresent desire for just a moment of relief. Unfortunately, GABA is not the answer. It's yet another corporate scheme to keep us on the roller coaster of consumption--Neurontin,gabatril, etc, etc. Have you ever known, or seen a post by someone who's reached a satisfied,stable state through the use of GABA influencing drugs? You won't find one. Again, give the reboxetine/effexor/wellbutrin a chance before you going any further chasing GABA. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I also get the feeling that you have ADD. Get tested. ADD is responsible for more misery and dysfunction than anyone unfamiliar with it has any idea of (I hope this isn't presumptuous, I have it too--I've just gotten good at reading the signs after lots of study). Also, when you feel your supps are wearing out, combine them with licorice root and bioperine complex (indian black pepper rhysomes).

Thanks for the welcome, hope to hear from you soon.




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