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Re: amineptine/tianeptine for depression+Benzo/wei t-rotten

Posted by pablo1 on October 26, 2004, at 0:09:30

In reply to Re: amineptine/tianeptine for depression+Benzo/wei, posted by t-rotten on October 23, 2004, at 17:36:16

I've been taking amineptine at a very low dose of 25mg. Higher doses do get me sort of high and euphoric but this low dose seems quite safe and effective. I'm also taking amisulpride at a very low dose of 12.5mg and it is even more subtle but is nice because it reaches a steady state. The two are similar in dopamine effect. I'm tempted to take more and have tried more but its really not that great for getting high and not terribly different from the low doses except some minor impairment and minor euphoria. Egads 800mg I can't imagine. At those doses amisulpride reverses action and decreases dopamine action and is used as an antipsychotic. I find the mild lift to be very good for me. Many thing are harmful in excess and beneficial in moderation. I should mention that I was quite sensitive to ritalin & adderall and only needed about 5mg. Any more just got me high & gave me headaches & feeling wired. These pure dopamine meds are much less troublesome for anxiety because they lack the norepenephrine action of traditional stimulants which my anxiety already gives me too much of. But I think I was way low on dopamine and I am not such a prude that I would consider it cheating to get my pleasure/reward system chemistry back up to what is probably a normal level. It is better than having to resort to other means of finding satisfaction from life.

> > I think that Amineptine (Survector ) was banned from the world around 2000,and the french company that made it introduced Tianeptine instead....I think you won't find Amineptine legally...the reason they banned it was because of liver side effects + some cases of addiction/dependence
> >
> > I took both : Amineptine is a pure dopamine reuptake inhibitor and in high dose it releases dopamine like a mild amphetamine...when I took it in the correct doses 200mg it made me very depressed but when I took it in high doese 600-800mg it gave me a stimulation similar to psedoephedrine or ritalin.
> > Tianeptine is also a clean drug that accelerate serotonin (Opposite od SSRI)...when I took it in regular dose it gave a serenic effect something between SSRIs and benzos,but when I increased the dose it stimulated me but made me gain weight?..I believe Tianeptine in high doses has an effect on dopamine too....
> > Anyway I discontinued all my AD's a year ago after trying nearly all what is out there in the world and found out that either they do not work or work wonderfully (Prozac,Effexor,Tofranil,Amitriptyline,Ludiomil,Parnate) but they all made me gain weight on the long term which I could not tolerate anymore....
> > Now I'm back with my normal weight and the only medications I take are the benzos(mainly Ativan,Xanax and Lexotan) because they are safe,extremley effective,very clean and do not cause weight gain,and am a lot happier now
> Hi! You said that when amineptine in 600-800mg has an good effect, but how much time you kept taking? It pooped up or you stopped with the amineptine working?
> PS.: I live in Brasil ans SURVECTOR is avaliable as tianeptine too, and I liked the idea of to use a larger dose cause 200mg is too weak.




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