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Re: Lonely no one to talk to alesta

Posted by iris2 on October 9, 2004, at 17:21:45

In reply to Re: Lonely no one to talk to iris2, posted by alesta on October 9, 2004, at 14:49:38

You are so sweet. I have read your posts to others and you are always trying to help.

You read a lot into that post of mine. My dog is going to be fine and he is much better even today. Thanks. I hope your animal issues have a good outcome.

I did not take that pet sitting job. I started freaking about it all and just called and quit before I ever started.

I need to change meds very much. I am looking at Strattera, Mirapex and contemplating Cymabalta and even Adderal.

I am always seeking help with deciding what meds to take as my pdoc gives me no direction at all anymore but he will write the scripts. I am not one to understand a lot of the chemical and cell stuff about the meds. I have looked at links you have posted for others and have not always understood them. I cannot concentrate or focus well even to read something very long.

I have been asking Scott (SLS) and AndrewB a little and anyone who will answer my queries about meds.

My diagnosis is atypical depression bulimia and sometimes borderline. I think I should have an ADD dx too.

I have no motivation, concentration, focus and extreme adhedonia.

Meds I remember I have tried:

Parnate: Worked very well for years pooped out

Moclobimide- worked okay pooped out

Tianeptine-as I remember did not work

Provigil- way too nervous


Effexor-thought would work could not take because of I.C.*

All SSRI's-do not work

Reboxetine-worked a little in combination with Parnate

Milnacipran-could not take I.C.*

Nardil-did not work

Most Stimulants-cannot take I.C.*

Tricyclics-Either did not try long enough because they were the first I tried and I knew not better also had allergic reaction to one

Valium, Xanax-work for certain things

Buspar-did nothing

Wellbutrin-did nothing

Remeron-gave me migraines

Selegiline-did nothing

Current Regimen if you could call it that:

Oxycontin:20-30mg/day for mood now or pain helps a little with mood

Ritalin sr:10-20mg/day helps a lot to get going and out of bed but makes me talk incessantly and body tension. Does not help that I can tell with concentration or focus or motivation, well motivation a little as I do get out of bed.

Klonopin: .5mg-whatever as needed. It helps a lot when I get anxious. I think I should take this on a regular basis but my memory is so shot like my Mother who had three strokes I am afraid to take too many bezo's. I did recently read that Klonopin does not have much affect on memory though.

Valium:5-10mg I use this almost exclusively now for my neck/back muscle spasm and sometimes for my I.C.muscle spasming.

Perphenazine:2-4mg as needed this helps tremendously with severe agitation or anxiety. Sometimes I forget I have it. I would not touch it for years because I went to a clinic and saw a quack that put me on large amounts of it and just dumbed me down. I lost three years of my life because of her.

Amisulpride: 50mg I thought when I started this about three months ago that it really helped with my mood and my family kept telling me that they heard a difference. I increased it to 75-100mg and really liked what I was feeling. Not having a big effect on anhedenia but I was "happier". Unfortunately I cannot take above 50mg of it or my bladder acts up. I also am having increased prolactin with the Amisulpride. I stopped having my period and gained weight especially in my mid section

I started to take some vitamins again, iron, magnesium, zinc, b-12 subliminal and fish oil but I have not stuck to it. I cannot take a lot of the supplements (I need to try some of them again individually) because of the I.C.*

*Interstitial Cystitis

I am not functioning much. I have not been able to work in two years.

Okay so now you know everything you ever wanted and did not want to know about me.

The reason I wanted to tell you about my medicines and past meds and dx is that I would appreciate any help or advice.

I do NEED to change or ad meds. I just am not sure now which ones to try first or if I should try to stay on the Amisulpride?

Besides being "treatment resistant" I also have Interstitial Cystitis. A bladder disease that makes it very difficult for me to take most medications.

Thanks for reading this post if you got through it:)

I'd be glad for any advise you or anyone could provide.





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