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Xyrem will make you more anxious + talking is bad

Posted by utopizen on June 21, 2004, at 17:25:26

In reply to Xyrem, Amisulpride, Selegiline, Adderall..., posted by Michael Bell on June 20, 2004, at 6:02:38

For some reason your subject includes Xyrem.

If you want Xyrem, then you need to know this isn't a drug you casually try out, like Nardil or Parnate is. (And I say that because those two are very hardcore, but Xyrem is 10x more annoying).

I had to take it for my excessive sleepiness. It's taken at night, since it's got no existence in your bloodstream after 4 hours. That is to say, if you have any plans to take it in the day, you're safer taking crack. No, seriously, crack is safer, I'm not joking, if you plan to take something during the day. (But crack is relatively more dangerous compared to other drugs).

Here's me, three months ago on Xyrem at 6 grams taken in two divided doses each night (oh yeah, the pleasure of taking a drug half-way into the night):

-Vomiting in the middle of the night
-Since it's been used for amnesia, I didn't know I was vomiting the night before until my roommate commented about it 2 weeks into vomiting each night, only after I mentioned how I remembered vomiting the night before to him

-AM Anxiety. Lasts for several hours until about noon. Pretty annoying, so don't go thinking half-life predicts after-effects like this.

-Sweatiness in AM until about noon. I spent $1650 on Botox-A injections into my underarms to stop this, since Drysol didn't help control it.

-Depression. Yup. Along with social lability, so don't think you can hide this to others-- the worst sort of depression you can think of, and it happens the first day after taking it at night.

-Serious depression, by the way.

Oh, yes, it's an neuroprotective. Some really lame kind of neuroprotective. I wish that meant protective from experiencing hell, but no. Just means my neurons didn't die. Sort of like saying, "I feel worse than I would feel if I were in hell right now, but at least this drug isn't damaging my neurons-- so I have some great peace of mind now!"

Okay, and one more thing-- I think I can say this, because I too have some pretty severe social anxiety and once thought I hated Klonopin because it lowered my drive to talk:

Drugs that make you talk, believe me, are exactly the drugs you want to stay away from. One thing is, they will make you talk so much everyone (especially your doc during visits) will assume you're reacting to the stimulants and may have amphetamine psychosis.

Another secret I had to learn the hard way after taking high doses of Desoxyn per my doc's Rx: people don't like others who talk in general.

You will make few friends by talking. You'll make tons if you control your social anxiety and don't talk much. Most people are listeners. You know this, you're smart, and you research this stuff. People who have the most friends tend to ask you questions a lot, don't they?

Because they want you to think they are interested in hearing what you have to say, even if it bores them. Pick up on this and start asking others questions more often, let them finish their sentences, and you'll reduce your friendship deficiency like I did.




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