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Re: weaning off effexor after 3 years at 300 mgs

Posted by boatsie on June 2, 2004, at 19:35:54

In reply to Re: weaning off effexor after 3 years at 300 mgs, posted by Jiggitykid on June 2, 2004, at 18:00:37

For so many years I was not a proponent of ADs but rather someone who believed that they should ONLY be prescribed for the most severe cases. I was so grateful for my sanity, having slipped so far in my last depressive episode some 9 years ago, that I was resigned to living on meds, antagonistic to those who spoke against using them because they just didn't have any idea of the terror of having so lost it that nowhere was safe anymore and there was no escape from the horror! The thought of going back there again ....
Thank you so much for your response and for ALLof your postings to this board. I have read all of it and really don't know where to turn next. Yesterday, in discussion with my psych regarding my cutting back on effexor, ativan and trazadone , a process I had already begun on my own, she indicated that I had to stop smoking before I fiddled with anything. I'm convinced that the medications are what reignited my smoking ... I am a recovering alocholic (20 years) who had quit smoking for 15 before starting in my third year of meds.
Somewhere a few years ago i read about the chance that they would invent some type of hat you could wear that would stimulate the exact areas in your brain that were malfunctioning. ... when i asked about ECT, i was told tyhat even with that, you still need medicine.....

My dr. has seen me through a psychotic break, recurrent depressive episodes, cancer, a divorce, worked successfully with my BPD ... and all the while i feel as if i am working mentally on 3/4 empty.... memory, confusion, loss of mental fluidity .... and I am a writer!

I just don't know where to begin here. I read all these posts and I say, but was anyone as seriously ill as I was. I look back on the woman i was sans medicine, and i recall the free flowing anxiety, the sleep disorders, the sadness, the confusion, the isolation, the hypervigilance the whole shebang which represented my life even in between depressive episodes. I was always afflicted. Is it possible that all this work, these nine years of therapy, are enough to enable me to emerge on the other side sans meds as a highly functioning individual?

> You are farther along than I have any "expertise." I can tell you that I am meds free right now and am fine, but this varies with each person and with each condition. The biggest problem, IMO, with trying to get off of effexor is that the withdrawal symptoms mimic many of the symptoms we were trying to treat. I echo your feelings about the research - I don't trust the drug companies. I hope someone else here can give you more/better information, particularly your question about doctors. I switched doctors after the effexor problem, but went through the withdrawals alone.
> Again, please, someone here respond with more detailed information or recommendations for someone to contact.
> Take care of yourself - the withdrawal stinks. My suggestion to you (as to many others) is that you go back through the archives here and print out the many shared withdrawal symptoms (and visit the petition page) and show your doctor. We aren't making this up and we aren't a noisy minority. I'm glad you found this page - I can't tell you how much this helped me!!
> > I am lying on my couch with this horrid headache and trying to remember if I re-upped my Effexor to 300 (i had been down to 150 for two days and at the same time cutting back on ativan and lorazepam). I am 53 and have been on medication for 9 years. My psychiatrist recently went to a seminar at Stanford in which the report was that NO ONE who has suffered a severe psychotic break can hope to live free of medication ...!! (Yes, i pointed out to her that ONLY the drug companies are doing research now and how many patients does she have who are trying to get off meds now... and this is a psy that i trust but she has her vision .... )
> > I read all your postings after rising from couch -- brain zaps, the hampster dance in the chest (is this that cortisone rush thing?), the fear of going to sleep, the hallucinogenic nightmares, thought disorders...... ALL the symptoms we treated and which start to reapear when i try to lower ativan...
> >
> > Yesterday, I had the beginnings of this incredible headache, weakenss in arms and hands and legs, depression, long sleep,
> >
> > Noone ever told me about effexor's short life..... I don't know what to address first, the effexor or the ativan/lorazepam .....
> > Has anyone received support from a doctor? Is there any professional out there that has done the research on withdrawal....
> > And is there hope for leading a normal life after withdrawal. I am so frightened.
> > Can someone please respond?
> >




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