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Re: Why are you going off Effexor in the first pla

Posted by seeknsolace on May 29, 2004, at 12:55:59

In reply to Re: Why are you going off Effexor in the first pla, posted by Frisky_cat on May 29, 2004, at 11:21:33

> I think a lot of you folks are missing the point. One person called Effexor a 'mind altering drug'. So is aspirin.
> The point is simple. Chemical imbalances in the brain, whether due to genetics, environment or some combination of the two, can be corrected in many cases by drugs such as Desipramine, Serzone or Effexor. These drugs correct imbalances that are chronic in their absence.
> Take myself. Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in graduate school, I suffered unnecessarily for 15 years from chronic muscle tension, insomnia, extreme social anxiety and general misery. There is plenty of evidence to indicate that GAD has a genetic component.
> Desipramine saved my life: it eliminated the insomnia, the muscle tension, and the general anxiety. The first six weeks were hard due to the side effects, but most of those passed. I am trying Effexor now to eliminate some residual anxiety that I feel around people.
> Drugs are no more or no less 'natural' than a tomato or a piece of meat. They are all chemical substances and their impact has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. By the way, arsenic is also 'natural'!
> If you have a chronic condition, whether an amputated limb or brain malfunctioning, you should choose the best solution regardless of whether it grows on a tree or is produced in a laboratory or on an artificial limb assembly line.
> The simple truth is that a lot of you having withdrawal symptons are not weaning yourselves properly off the medication or have chronic conditions where you will need the medication for the rest of your life. Accept the truth.
> Taking medication for the rest of your life if it gives you a good quality of life and makes your life better is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, you should pat yourself on the back for doing the right thing rather than letting misguided traditional notions about what is 'natural' and 'unnatural' and about the importance of 'character' lead you astray. Reflection and psychotherapy will not necessarily eliminate anxiety and depression.
> Let me add that my experience with medication is that it does not sedate. It may feel like sedation if you spent most of your life wracked with anxiety and guilt, but it actually gaining a reasonable perspective.
> Revel in your time for it is brief. Be brave.

Frisky and Pooh: thank you for these latest posts. I've been struggling with the idea of returning to meds. With feelings of anger and unfairness, viewing myself as not being whole, feeling incomplete, because I may need to return to meds to feel good, normal.

Some of the thoughts I still struggle with are things like, is it chemical or because my environment as a child caused me to be this way, can situations in life really cause permanent chemical imbalances? I dont grieve over the past, only aware that this may be the sole reason for the unsteady (emotional) foundation by which my being was formed. Also being a single mom of a difficult 12 yr old who has been difficult all his life, it causes me to be constantly tense, upset, frustrated and when I reach a breaking point it adds to falling into the depths of depression, but maybe its my fault he is the way he is.

I wonder if the stresses were removed, if I'd still be symptomatic of depression. I've been feeling pretty level and almost good the last few days, but I was once diagnosed as rapid cycle bipolar.. the cycles are most sensitive to the changing of weather, but I never had the grandious expressions as clinically descriped in being bipolar, when I have my high, I can be more responsible for my life and just feel at peace and good.. but when I hit depression, I no longer have thoughts of suicide and I can still function.. so does that still make me bipolar?

Does this make me still have a need for meds? It's a human thing to do, to react to weather and to life... just some thoughts.. on a path trying to decide which road to take.




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