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Re: Why are you going off Effexor in the first place?

Posted by winifred on May 28, 2004, at 10:37:28

In reply to Why are you going off Effexor in the first place?, posted by jenniferjaguar on May 27, 2004, at 20:37:28

> I wish one of you people would say why you're coming off Effexor or any other medically prescribed drug in the first place. Especially that babyape fellow, who has been sober 3 months, and takes himself off it cold turkey. What an idiot! He wants to be "drug free." He has no idea the damage his drinking has done to him chemically, but he's got to play doctor and god at the same time. Well surprise, buddy, you're going to crash big time. I give you a month, you'll be drunk on your ass. If people in AA are giving you that crap about "you aren't sober if you taking something" tell them to shove it. They're not doctors. If your md prescribed something, and you're not sure about it, you should see a shrink about it anyway, not some general practice person. Am I venting? Sure! I've been weaning off Effexor for 3 weeks, and have discovered at 25mg a day that my old feelings, rage, fatigue are worse. Which is a bitch, since I was fine at 75mg, but have been coming off it because I can't afford it, lost my job. Well I guess it's peanut-butter time, I'd rather been sane and eat lousy, I seemed to be OK at 37.5 for 2 weeks, so I'm going back up.
> Please please please if you are feeling good, dont come off the meds. You probably feel good BECAUSE YOU'RE ON MEDS!!!! I've been sober 20 years, and you don't want to know how many multi-diagnosis people have gotten drunk, or died because of this stupid idea. Please talk to a professional or an openminded AA sponsor before screwing with your head!
> > Since we are not doctors.... maybe we shouldn't be judging one another. Everyone should be able to make their own decisions about what they do or do not put in their body. For me, 450 of effexor a day was crazy. My insurance company wouldn't cover that high of a dose and said it wasn't recommended for anyone. I don't think effexor was the right choice for me. I am on day 10 of no meds after 2 mos of weaning off of effexor. Last friday, I was sick as a, I am a little dizzy and not quite right but on the right track. Effexor scares me, if I was even an hour or two late on my dose I was hugging the toilet. I want to try this. Maybe I will need another anti-depressant, I don't know. My dad also suffers from depression and has tried to go off his meds (prozac) from time to time. He has never been able to cope and has even been hospitalized after going off. He says he understands my need to try. He is scared for me and does not want me to find myself back in the deep depression hell he thinks I am heading for, but knows I need to try. Not everyone is the same.
Let's try to support each other and our choices!!!




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