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Posted by Spotcheck on April 15, 2004, at 15:59:51

In reply to Re: COMPAINTS REGARDING NEW NARDIL, posted by SuzyQ1 on April 15, 2004, at 14:58:28

Hello Suzanne,

There's no question in my mind that these two versions of Nardil are different due precisely to the change in excipients that Pfizer made. So one should suspect that they would be metabolized differently as well and they are.

The old Nardil lowers blood pressure. The new Nardil increases blood pressure.

"As I said, up til now, it was controlling my high blood pressure, as a positive side effect."

Yes, that certainly would be. Beats the heck out of taking high BP medications too, I suspect.

"For some people who had normal pressure, it made it too low."

That's what happened to me, but I could easily live with it. I just had to adopt some different coping strategies, and soon I felt just fine again.

"I don't know what happened with that lady you mentioned. She might have had a reaction while her body was adjusting to the Nardil and it made her pressure shoot up."

Unfortunately, I honestly do not know what happened to her either, but apparently she became dizzy, her blood pressure increased and when she went to have it taken, they decided she should discontinue using it. Me? I think she stopped too soon, but she's a very difficult person with which to deal. She already feared this medication and the potential interactions with Tyramine so much that she did not know what she could eat and what she should avoid. It was easy enough for me to explain this to her, but was always extremely reluctant to press forward and continue taking it.
You can lead a horse to water, but........

"In my case, I had what's know as REBOUND HYPERTENSION, which could be very dangerous. You see, the new Nardil made it as if I were a person taking a medication for high blood pressure, and suddently stopped it. My arteries could have easily contracted to the point of giving me a sudden heart attack or a stroke. That's even more serious than rebound anxiety and depression, because I might not have had the time to increase the Nardil or switch medications. This is a criminal act by Pfizer, if it can be proven."

Now, that would not have been a pleasant experience at all. Nobody needs to stroke out or have a heart attack. I hope you can prove it, since I would very much like to get to Pfizer myself.

"I've been feeling like hell for the past 4 months or so, with migraine headaches, and every artery in my head and under my scalp swollen to the point that I had to hold my head most of the time. This was the result of the "new Nardil."

When I took 60 mg of it I get a severe headache myself. I had never experienced that one before, but it was uncomfortable, but fortunately for me that dosage is too high. I need to be in the 45 mg range and pretty much always have even with the old Nardil. I could simply take less of it because it more effective in me.

"I have no doubt about it. Even my medical doctor can vouch for my pressure being stable for years, til 4 months ago when it suddenly shot up."

I concur. It's no coincidence that's for sure. It's the new Nardil not working the same way in your body precisely because so many excipients were changed with it was reformulated by Pfizer.

"I just talked to my therapist on the phone, and he suggested I talk to Pam Zechman here in Chicago. I believe she's on ABC news. I can refer her to the two websites that discuss the nightmares of the new Nardil. An expose from her on a network TV channel could reach a lot of people, who til now might not know about the new Nardil affecting them negatively."

Go for it Susanne! Although I seriously doubt that very many people have not noticed some changes within themselves. I sure did and so have allot of other people. I believe it's an inferior medication in fact, but so far we have gotten nowhere dealing with Pfizer of he FDA.

If I knew the formulation of the old Nardil, and could afford to buy the mixer, dryer, granulator, tablet press, and equipment required to spay that bright orange M and M shiny color coating on each pill, then I would make it myself. Unfortunately, that information is quite simply not available. One would have to get it from Pfizer (Probably Parke-Davis or the Warner Lambert Divisions) which they are not going to give away and which is not written anywhere else to the best of my knowledge. It is not on any patent either. That much I have discovered since I tracked the patent history of Nardil down. There are only two patents on it: one for the original Lakeside Pharmaceuticals which I found on the internet and then simply access the Patent number so that I cloud read the document and another for Warner Lambert, which I found in the 2003 PDR in my public library of all places. But I cannot find a thing for the old Nardil dated any later than 1967, and that document does not include the formulation information of the old Nardil. It ha some example like simpler tablets, elixirs and suppositories, but that is all.

"They might think it's something strictly different with them. I'll check into it."

Wow, I just do not believe most people would not notice the change. I think that Nardil is just a pretty old drug that Pfizer does not make a deal of money and that once she ran into those production problems with the old Nardil now, not the new Nardil, then she decided she had one of two choices:

1. Stop making Nardil completely
2. Reformulate it as best she could

It is now made in France, although the facility cold be Pfizer's since she is an International Corporation.

David F. H.




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