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Re: Misery loves company

Posted by seanwrx on April 1, 2004, at 1:24:17

In reply to Re: Misery loves company, posted by snapper on April 1, 2004, at 0:17:15

Thanks for the reply Snapper.

This guy I work with has been having trouble for quite a while, I finally just told him he needed to get into a doctor and get counseling or get on an SSRI or something. He did a few months back, and of course he is doing great (first times a charm I guess). He put it a way that I hadn't thought of. He said before it was like there was blanket over his head, and thats all he could see and all he was breathing was that hot air. He is taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin and a different person (more like when we met 5 + years ago). I don't think he had the anxiety issues, but he was pretty depressed, and to some extent restless - always wanting to get out of the office, get home, etc (maybe anxiety?).

Anyway, that's how I feel to some extent, I always tell people that its like I am am incapable of seeing farther then two feet in front of my face.

I see a shrink for meds, and those sessions last about an hour once every 5 weeks or so. I was seeing a therapist but the insurance got all screwed up with that (his fault) so I am going to see somebody next week, which will make it about 4 months since I went to any sort of therapy.

My shrink actually brought up Bi-polar in our conversations, based off the fact that one week might be a good week (best week I have had in awhile, etc) and then the next time I see him I am at the brink of destruction (fed up). I don't know though, at my best, I was pretty consistent (looking at my records from my p-doc) on prozac and/or lexapro and when I maintained a better diet. But even then, I didn't feel I was over the hump, but I felt ok and that I was heading somewhere. I got back into going out, drinking, smoking, etc...things that aren't good for you, and if you have some guilt issues about it then they are worse.

Anyway, I am going to ask about the bi-polar issue next week but I do have to say, I have never been manic as far as I can tell. I would say this, in no particular order, probably all equally important:

No confidence/hope that things will get better

I fall asleep easy, but its not very good sleep

I have a hard time getting up in the morning

I have a desire to be motivated, but I find it hard to be motivated at work when I am concetrating on the anxiety/depression all the time

My main anxiety issues would be a foggy-ness or bewilderment that slowly migrates to fatigue and a desire to 'get out' of work, the grocery store, etc. If you are suspectable to depression you can only go some many days like that before you feel pretty desperate. I think thats what happens to me over and over.




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