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Re: Why lowering cortisol is not always good

Posted by cybercafe on November 1, 2003, at 19:36:21

In reply to Re: Why lowering cortisol is not always good, posted by BarbaraCat on November 1, 2003, at 17:09:38

man, i feel bad for hijacking this thread, i guess i write too much :(

> > i'm curious... what do you feel like in the morning? would you sleep all day if you could?
> >
> **Mornings used to be alot worse and I could easily sleep all day. It seemed I was usually tired and wired. Lately with things balancing out hormonally my energy is balancing out nicely as well.

interesting... what hormones had the most effect on your energy? was this like lowering your cortisol or something?

> > ah so you don't do things like hyperfocus or display other hyperactive components
> **Yes, I do hyperfocus and have alot of periodic classic ADD components like disorganization and frittering away time (can this Board be a symtom of this?) But my understanding is that ADD is pretty constant and mine definitely goes in cycles. There are times when I can shut the world out except for me and the object of my hyperfocus, other times when I can't rub two thoughts together. My

sometimes i'm around people and am really hyper... othertimes i'm around more interesting/inspiring people and i can just chill out and relax.... but i definately fit the diagnostic criteria for ADHD ...

still i would like to have a sleep test when my sleeping gets somewhat back to normal

>organization goes from sh*t to almost anal-compulsive orderliness. I tried Ritalin and it made me feel crummy. On the other hand, when I was into methedrine many years ago I felt downright fab on it. But again, the cyclic nature seems to cancel out the ADD possibility. Any thoughts you have on this are very welcome because I'm baffled by it.

don't know.... heck i went 6 years without considering that i may be ADHD so i'm in no position to diagnose... heck i went 27 years wtihout considering that i may be ADHD :)

do you drive like a maniac? ...

> > i want to take as many stimulating meds during the day as i can (i.e. abilify, parnate, ritalin) so i have problems staying asleep
> **Don't you get anxious from all these pstims?

i don't think anymore than usual.... though when i socialize i often need a large dose of lorazepam, depending on what i'm doing

> **I'm at 125mg and it seems to be OK. Everytime I've gone past that it gets uncomfortable. I get tempted to bump it up when I'm feeling like I'm sinking, but anymore I'm able to just wait it out and it eventually turns around. Lam and lithium have allowed me to get a grip and tolerate things much better. Feeling bad usually just stops where it is and doesn't spin into feeling bad about feeling bad about feeling bad...

oh... darn... i was taking lamictal by itself..... perhaps if i'd combined lithium i would have been much much better..... but that's ok, i'm happy with abilify for now :)




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