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Re: elizabeth about dosing on opiates/ anyone

Posted by Chuckie on October 31, 2003, at 13:21:20

In reply to Re: elizabeth about dosing on opiates/ anyone, posted by Ame Sans Vie on October 31, 2003, at 7:57:51

>Ultram (mixed mu-opioid agonist, 5-HT/NE reuptake inhibitor) is a wonderful drug and I personally find it better for depression than either morphine or oxycodone.

I'm glad you're finding relief w/Ultram. I had big hopes for it since it's not properly an opioid and really represents a low risk of addiction. I mean I'm sure you can get dependent on it, but I think that's a small price to pay for the relief, whatever the drug. It would just be nice to be dependent on something that doesn't hurt so bad if you have to stop for some reason.

Unfortunately it doesn't work for me, because it makes me feel yucky, among other bad things. It reminds me of tricyclic anti-depressants, which I took for ten years to no real effect except I got fat and felt yucky most of the time.

It certainly doesn't provide the 'normalizing' effect that I was looking for. It does remove my craving for opiates, which is nice I guess, but wasn't really my point. Not much help if it doesn't help my depression and makes me feel bad as well.

>Gotta take DLPA and an NMDA antagonist with your opioids though... anything you can do to prevent tolerance.

Great, now more stuff I need to research. This is a real chore... especially when I put a medication into Google and get 20,000 hits on websites where I can buy it for too much money. :(

Still, since one of my goals must needs be to convince my Doc that I'm not going to abuse the drugs, I need to learn about whatever helps assure that.

So, maybe he would just prescribe me hydrocodone, if he could prescribe an opiate antagonist at the same time? And would the medication still be effective?

I'm not a medical professional or a pharmacist, so I'm unsure how exactly the medication benefits me. IOW, I was investigating the mixed agonist/antagonists because of their lower potential for addiction or abuse, mostly for the benefit of my Doc, so he wouldn't be so reluctant. Personally, I know I can take care of myself and self-regulate, but he has to justify himself to the DEA. Anyway, to my limited knowledge, it just seems like an antagonist might cancel out the benefits. But then I can't rely on intuition when I'm asking for a treatment that most people find counterintuitive.

> Finally, just wanted to note that there is also a form of buprenorphine sublingual tablets available without the naloxone, called Subutex.

Yah, but can a GP prescribe it for something other than addiction? And I've heard the stuff is REALLY expensive. I can probably cope with something that costs maybe $100/mo., just because I would probably be $100/mo. more productive. Much more than that would maybe interfere with the bill-paying.




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