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Re: you were right man... Yes, I'm the man! ;-)

Posted by Francesco on October 21, 2003, at 15:13:41

In reply to Re: you were right man... Yes, I'm the man! ;-) Ľ Francesco , posted by DSCH on October 21, 2003, at 11:13:29

Hi DSCH, nice to hear you again : )

> However, your "Ritalin writing" is not > nearly as bad as your "Wellbutrin writing" was.

I agree, Wellbutrin has been the worst med I have ever taken. Iím impressed anyway by the similarities between the sensations I had on Wellbutrin and the ones Iím esperiencing with Ritalin. For the first time in my life Iím taking seriously the Ďtheoryí that there is a co-relation between the mechanism of action of the meds and the way you feel. My previous attitude was: ďwho knows ? letís try this and see what happensĒ. I think you are the one who has changed my mind and I thank you so much.

Yes, I think the way you write can be a very good indicator of the way you feel. I donít think that difference of language is such a big issue because I find myself doing ďsimilar thingsĒ also when I write (or speak) in Italian.

Consider also that not every post I post is written under the influence of Ritalin. Iím telling you this because I donít want you to get crazy trying to understand how I feel from my posting. Now Ritalin is completely off : )

> I can not think of a solid reason why >Ritalin and Wellbutrin are worse for your >overfocused-on-meds tendancies than Anafranil is. And remember Anafranil is supposed to be anti->overfocused! Something paradoxical is going on >in light of the standard monoamine theory. And >Wellbutrin is still the odd one.

I have a couple of ideas about it. Ritalin and Wellbutrin makes me dumb in a similar way. This lessens also my ability to criticize what Iím doing. Therefore if I get overfocused I just donít care. When Iím on Anafranil Iím also alerted, I can see what Iím doing and blame myself for it. This can results in quitting the overfocusing, or at least, being aware of it.

I have to add that the effect I have after the first 25mg capsule of Anafranil isnít the effect I have after several months on 75mg. I think that one pill of Anafranil can improve my ADHD dramatically (I can watch an entire film not being disturbed by my mental associations) but only after several month the anti-OCD effect kicks in.

Unfortunately this results in being also fat, impotent and antisocial. Iím likely to have also OCD-tendencies but I donít wanna upper the TCAsí dose (not to talk about SSRIsí) to the anti-obsessive point because of side-effects.

Anafranil after several months of use was wonderful from the cognitive point of view: I was a studying machine. I owe to his inventor my PHD-scholarship and all the books I managed to red but I donít want to live anymore trapped in my house masturbating about the differencies between the first and second edition of the Kantís Critique of Pure Reason. Above all Kant sucks ;-)

I never said that. LOL The two are very different. This is what you are probably recalling: the MAOI tranylcypromine, Parnate, is rather similar in overall structure to amphetamine and has some degree of psychostimulant effects in addition to antidepressant effect which varys from person to person and on the dose. If I were you I would place Parnate near the bottom of the list of things to try. Tyramine is depressingly common in foods. :-(

Pardon me, youíre right. My Ritalin was kickiní off, you know ... ;-) In my mind desipramine became similar to the dexedrine because of the dishinibitory effects. There a lot of people who say that tyramineís problem has been a lot exaggerated. What do you think about it ?

My I also suggest it might be worthwhile to give vitamins, minerals, and amino acids a shot free from meds? 3000 mg/day L-tyrosine + 300 mg/day 5-HTP + vitamins and minerals is working out pretty good for me at the moment. :-)

Ok, you have definitively convinced me. I want to try L-tyrosine. Today I will ask for it to the nutritional store. Supposing I manage to get it what dosage you suggest to start with ? How much do you have to wait for the effects ?

Best wishes for everything and thanks for all.

P.S. What do you think of stuff like Acutil ?




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