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Re: INCREDIBLE but True!!!

Posted by Mariposa on October 19, 2003, at 15:08:54

In reply to 84y.o. kidnapped, BIG reward 4 advice PLEASE!!!!!, posted by Ame Sans Vie on October 19, 2003, at 13:00:35

I feel your PAIN and wish I could help in some way but I can't, Just tell you I feel the same way about money-grubbing vampires that pass themselves off as religious God-fearing devout church-going SHEEP. I married into a family w/a similar situation developing, Aunt Sally is 93 and owns a large farm on the outskirts (now) of a growing town, suburbs are growing in her direction. The church wants to get hold of the land so they can *develop* it. Its a sad state of affairs....

I thought this country was founded on the right to be *FREE OF RELIGION* if that's your choice.

Separation of church and state - STAY OUT OF MY GOVERNMENT!!!

Worried about the growing deficit??? TAX THE CHURCHES like you tax any BUSINESS!!!

Stay out of the schools - the place to teach your brand of SUPERSTITION is in your own house and my kids should not be forced to listen to it. Or if you are coming to school you better bring Mohammed, Buddah, Krishna, and EVERYBODY else with you, I mean lets be FAIR about this!

And to prey upon the sick and infirm to line your pockets, so you can partake of the excesses of material things in this world is just plain despicable and I'm sure you will all end up in this *HELL* you invented to try to scare us into submission.

I, like you could RANT for HOURS about the EVILS of churches, *church people*, and religions in general. Suffice it to say, I agree w/you 100% and wish I could offer more than just this reply.

I will *PRAY* for you in my OWN way!!~~~8|8




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