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Re: Hi All... catch-up esp. to mercedes and CherC68

Posted by zinya on July 23, 2003, at 11:05:00

In reply to Re: Hi All... willie, posted by CherC68 on July 22, 2003, at 19:22:37

Dear Cher, mercedes,.. and all,

Gosh, Cher, my hat's off to you, really. What a mind-boggling thing to cope with even when one *isn't* already dealing with bad hands, depression, etc etc.

I am so sorry i wasn't one who was able to be verbally supporting here the past two days. I don't think i mentioned it, in part because i didn't fully realize how bad it was, but i had wiped out my back 3 weeks ago while doing gardening. I have a congenital defect in my spine and i've gotten used over the years to feeling when it "pops out" of place in the sacroiliac joint and know i need to see my chiropractor... But this time i couldn't feel the usual protrusion and thought the pain would just eventually go away, plus this dreadful lack of energy meant i mostly didn't want to drive the 40 min. it takes to get to him (but he's absolutely 'magic' and i would never go to anyone else now). I'd had to take more vicodin than usual to cope and thought it would heal. I'd scheduled an appt twice before but then my car broke down and another time it was so hot that the Effexor combined was making me sweat buckets and i just couldn't bring myself to even dress and drive there. Finally after another day of major gardening on Monday, i'd scheduled to go yesterday, and it turned out the reason i didn't feel the usual protrusion was cuz i'd actually done so much more damage than usual that I'd rotated my whole lumbar and my back was swollen in that area. He is a very 'holistic chiro' and it involves always ultrasound etc. first, and then he himself spends at least half an hour doing physical therapy and massage as well as adjusting but yesterday involved more than usual and because the adjustment was so major, I came home last night and just sat on ice (my daily routine actually) but i couldn't even write at the computer -- and i'm still drained from the adjustment even now...) but that's the only reason you haven't heard from me. I have been and continue to send you such awed and actually admiring support, dear Cher.

I'm so glad to hear your "men" are coming home - today it seems? and that your son will be there now for the duration. How nice. But how awful in the interim that you had to deal with SOOO much on your own.

(I just had a "tree" of sorts -- a spike from a century plant -- in my yard break during the night and the neighbor down the hill calling me at 7 am today to let me know it was in her yard and what were we going to do? aaargh - and that's nothing compared to what you're dealing with, so your stories inspire to see how minimal this hassle is though, believe me, all i want to do is play ostrich and wish the problem away, just from sheer lack of energy)

I moved to 150 mg last night! It's the first time i've gone up by anything more than 25 mg at a time, but noa's comment the other day about granules (which never would have come up if you, mercedes, hadn't so thoughtfully brought up the issue again and thought of me in that regard -- so thank you for initiating that whole topic again!!) made me decide i had to stop divvying up granules and "bite the capsule" so to speak [no, no, i'm not biting capsules - sorry - i do hate the expression 'bite the bullet' though] ...

I had some real dizziness for a bit an hour ago and i woke up way too early today but the latter was due to my sore spine, i'm sure, from the major adjustment it will take a couple days for my body to readjust to. Otherwise, i always find side effects show up more on the 2nd day anyway. For the first time last night, i really 'gulped' upon taking my pill wondering if i was going to regret such a "leap" in mg's but also eager to be finally getting to the alleged 'magic' level of 150. So now i'll finally be at a level where hopefully i'm going to start feeling some real energy change. So far the only thing that has changed in that domain has been this massive sweating, and that's NOT the change from adrenalin and metabolism boost that i'm looking for!!!

Cher, i have some thinking i've been doing the past few days about your situation which i haven't known if you'd be interested in hearing, but let me know if you're in the mood for some 5c "Lucy"-like long-distance thoughts about what maybe you are dealing with - - and why i'm thinking your instincts were probably wise to quit the Effexor ...

Meanwhile, the only music you've mentioned that i am familiar with is Enigma and the Wallflowers -- the others like Poi Dog something ?? :))) just make me smile ... I have no clue who they all are. I have and really like music by Enigma and the Wallflowers though.

I'm not sure if you read my post the other day when i launched the topic about music during depression... No one really responded to it but maybe it triggered this discussion, but i very much relate to this whole topic and posed my own questions to everyone along the lines of what mercedes, you too, have asked today.

(mercedes, as to TV tastes, i am a bit of a news junkie, but i watch a fair amount of lawyer shows - The Practice, Law & Order, etc too -- and granted they deal with the kinds of awful crimes you listed but it's curious that i don't think of them that way - i think of them as great scripts and relationships among the central characters ... plus on L&O enough of that 'detective' notion that intrigues me too. I don't watch any sitcoms but it's more cuz i rarely find any that are really funny to me. I try to watch Letterman or Jon Stewart before bedtime for my laughs for the day - they are more humorous to me than most sitcoms ... )

well, this is a huge catchall ... Please know that i'm thinking of you and reading you and so glad that you are writing more again, Cher - and only sorry i wasn't responding during your crisis day, which happened to be my major gardening day here on Monday and every one of those days leaves me so exhausted i can't even move afterward, then the chiro yesterday i have been physically unable to write but i've been sending you and continue to send you nothing but loving good vibes and healing thoughts...

Please tell me, Cher, when your birthday is going to be, okay?

And also what exactly is your surgery on your hands going to involve?

love and hugs, to all,




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