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Re: Need Names of Drugs Like Fentanyl maryhelen

Posted by Juanantoniod on July 17, 2003, at 20:38:24

In reply to Re: Need Names of Drugs Like Fentanyl, posted by maryhelen on July 15, 2003, at 18:36:17

Dear Maryhelen,

Thanks for sharing your personal account. I can certainly relate to most of what you have said.

I too was quite surprised that 300mg of Demerol had absolutely no effect on the pain, or my consciousness. Nor did Dilaudid. I, too, have incredible headaches. Unfortunately, they are not migraines per se, but are severe muscle tension headaches and so they do not respond to the newer tryptan based migraine medications.

Luckily, since the medications are not working for me, I do not take them for any kind of effect, antidepressant or otherwise. The only thing I may be potentially 'addicted' to is at times taking 2 Vicodin ES at night. This has been more out of habit than anything since I get no measurable effect from them either.

There are studies that show that opiates may be effective in treating some forms of depression. Perhaps your depression is one of these. I know mine is not because even being on Oxycontin for a month, my mood did not improve.

I hope my experiences help others as well. Reading yours has enlightened me. Thank you.


> I am stunned at the amount of pain relievers you have tried with no results. I have taken such high doses that I used to think it would kill a horse.
> When I first started taking a drug called fironal for my migraines, it took years for me to realize it was also helping my depression, and years to know again that I had become addicted and needed more and more. Eventually, when Glaxo came out with Imitrex, I could have gone and given everything I had to thank them. The migraine would go in 20 minutes, along with the naseau. I took it by injecting it in my thigh muscle by needle, because I could not keep the pills down. I had never given myself a needle before and it did not scare me one bit. I would have stuck it in my eye to get relief. Migraines solved but addiction problem still there.
> I tell you this for a reason. I became addicted to all of the pills you mention percs, oxycontin, tylenol 3's, morphine, any such pain meds, even before I even took them. They all helped with the depression, but I needed more and more. I had developed degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, and osteoporsis and needed them for the pain, but more and more to get effect. However, I was introduced by a family member to Dilaudid. I also took it by needle without any worry. I ended up loving that drug. Never felt better in my life. Had looked it up in a prescription drug book and they listed it as with all the other pain anaelgesics. I ended up having to go to a substance abuse program. It wasn't until the day before I went, while watching a TV program on Elvis Presley's drug use, that Dilaudid was the last drug he was using and that it is 9 times more powerful than morphine and is used for patients in the later stages of cancer. I was stunned. I was taking 4 needles a day, and it was costing me a fortune. The depression that following all of these drugs, if I couldn't get them was bad, but the depression that followed when withdrawing from Dilaudid is something I have never experienced before, and how I did not commit suicide, I do not know. I took myself to hospital knowing that I would be certified. My family member, just died of an overdose of Dilaudid, one month ago.
> If none of these drugs help you with pain, I doubt any others similiar will.
> Perhaps the suggestion of others to try different types of medications would be prudent.
> Just sharing my experience. I know everyone is different. I am still just a moment away, every day, from wanting and getting these drugs, knowing my depression would be gone.
> maryhelen




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