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re: Searching for Specific Information on pBabble Hoping

Posted by lil' jimi on July 11, 2003, at 12:09:18

In reply to re: your penicillin nightmares = my fears, posted by Hoping on July 11, 2003, at 8:29:04

hi again there Hoping!

as in, Hoping-for-No-Sexual-Side-Effects:
> Thanks for all your insight and support, Dr. Wayne.

... .. ... anyway i just thought i'd ramble on here about some of the fundamentals i've discovered since i've been here that hardly ever get posted to the newbies, i guess because everybody just expects us all to know them ... ...

one of the most powerful tools available here at our good Dr. Bob's pBabble is the ability to do searches .. ... .. there is so much text here that even just browsing you can discover a lot of information ... if somebody has the time and patience .... .... doing a targeted search can get you specific reports/subjects ... much faster than asking folks posting on the thread ... ... like sometimes Wayne and i aren't online ... ... could take days for someone with your answers/useful-replies to read your post and reply ... ...

you can use a regular google search by entering your search terms separated by commas and after the last term, a comma and '' ...

... for instance, at google's site we'd enter, say, "sexual SE, lexapro," (without any quotation marks)... ...
says here it took 0.16 seconds to get 168 posts ... ... second example of using this technique: always consider variations on your search terms, even little variations can be significant: i'm trying "sexual, lexapro," (no quotes) this time ... ... and we notice it took 0.08 seconds to get 522 reports ... ... see what i mean about a difference? ... leave out the "SE", get 354 more reports ... ... try to give the search engine every option to find the good stuff, if you can ...

now that search begins at the google site ... ... of course Dr. Bob (hi, Dr. Bob!) offers us a few search options right here in pBabble ::

one is the "Find messages specifically for you" : this is where a poster has responded to your post and they have checked the "add name of previous poster" option, which automatically generates the ">> Hoping" tag on the end of the subject line ... ... (like i did on this post) ... ... ... and this search option just uses '>>Hoping' as its search term ... ...

... ... (there are a WHOLE lot of other USEFUL links near the top of each of the board pages, in particular, the

that Dr. Bob has provided us, in his insightful consideration ... thanks once again dr. bob!) ... ...

... now somewhat lower on the top of the page, Dr. Bob has disguised ... er, i mean, designed for us two search engines sharing one term entry window ...

... ... clicking the "Using Google" button on the right ... uses Google ... pretty much like i showed in the first option, but from inside pBabble, only you won't have to enter the "" term because it does that for you ... in fact, it enters "" for you And the comma separators ... so if i enter "sexual lexapro" (note: no commas and i didn't use quotes in any examples) and click the "Using Google" button, i get ... 512 reports in 0.62 seconds ... ... and they are brought up in a new browser window at the google site ...

(Hmmmm ... ... this makes me wonder about including the "site:" part of the term ... but it is only 10 fewer reports and one would have to compare them all to see why these ten were left out ... ... so no significant loss anyway.)

... ... then there is the Psycho-Babble Search:
using the "Search" button on the left invokes the pBabble Search "for the last year" ... ... these results are displayed on a page in its own window from within the pBabble domain... ...

... now using our standard search terms "lexapro sexual" and clicking the "Search" button we get 1090 matches, but it looks to me like we've fished out every page with EITHER "lexapro" OR "sexual" ... .. ... which may be a little too inclusive for us ... ... so we can scroll on down to the bottom of the results page where we will find ... a box with the Search Options for both pBab Search and for Google (there's also the link to these search options at the search term entry window where we started) ... and now i can see that the pBabble Search does have its "any term" choice checked, which i will deselect by checking the "every term" option ... ... and now i hit pBab "Search" again .. ... .. and now we get Only 19 matches ... ... not so many, and we notice that none are from Since June 27, 2002 .... ... .... seems like this was explained by a format change for the posts, on that date, has fouled the search engine's criteria / ability to recognize / means to do a search / something, ... and that maybe for the time being our pBab Search really only works for posts from before June 27, 2002, maybe? ... ... and it is more of a challenge for our lex users, since the long lexapro thread only began in june of 2002. ... .. ...

... ... finally, there is my favorite technique for searching: using your browser's FIND function ... ... this one has real limitations: it only searches the contents of the page currently opened in the browser AND it only searches the text in the window, which means it will use just the subject lines, posters', postees' names, etc.. to search ... (google and pBab search will search the text of each post for matches as well) ... ... But if we, say, load the whole lex thread to our browser, starting at the ol' :
Anyone switched to Lexapro? ggrrl
Posted by Dr. Bob on June 11, 2002, at 7:52:48
.... .... then click your browser's Edit menu and select "Find in This Page ..." ... ,which will bring up a dialog box where you can enter search terms ... ...


even with the limitations, these search options can put us in charge of mining our own information out of all the reports within the marvelous resource .. .. .. most sincere praise be unto Dr. Bob for the benefits pBabble has provided ...

~ jim

p.s. i went a little ocd when i came here ... ... i began by reading ALL of the posts in the lex thread ... this took about as long as my SEs lasted ... around a week of my "spare" time ... ... i fly the ssri express without a pdoc and our fellow posters here have been a immense blessing to me ... ... so i try to give a little back ... ... and i need to support our buddy WAYNE! ... ... he can't do it all, anymore than i can ...





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