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Re: menstrual migraines or epilepsy? so frustrated! bookgurl99

Posted by jasonr on July 8, 2003, at 16:20:09

In reply to menstrual migraines or epilepsy? so frustrated!, posted by bookgurl99 on July 8, 2003, at 13:15:35

> 2303.1
> I've been getting severe migraines previous to menstruation. The symptoms are; visual aura, problems concentrating, word-finding difficulties in the preceding days, and eventually nausea and discomfort. The days following the attack, for up to a week I will still feel like I have a concussion, slow-brained and groggy,with mild visual aura and trouble concentrating.
> These can also sometimes be set off by bright lights, changes from cold to hot, moving from dark to light areas, and being on a flickering computer.
> My psychiatrist brought up the possibility of being tested for sleep apnea, and of being tested for epilepsy again. (I had a brief 20 -min. EEG last year.)
> would these symptoms be consistent with epilepsy?
> I am so frustrated because I am tired of the long road it has taken to single out what is causing these symptoms, and because -- to be honest -- i feel it is unfair that i should have to put up with cognitive symptoms. I have never used illegal drugs, drank to excess, or even binged on junk food. Yet here I am, at age 27, dealing with these symptoms.
> I am so p***ed about this, when I see young people swallowing whole pizzas and trying drugs with no physical or cognitive repercussions.

Well, I am going to give my 2c here. Take it as ya will =)

I suffer from migraines too. I get all of the symptoms that you do: aura, concentration problems. I also get semi-peralisis of my left side (drooping face, lack of strength in hands, etc)

Mine can be set off from: atmospheric pressure changes (storms), temp changes (ac->hot outside), sodium nitrate (preservative in meats), computer flicker.

I was tested for epilepsy and other stuff. Migraines were the problem found.

I find myself groggy and just not as sharp for a few days after a bad migraine. This is enhanced if I take heavy medication to lessen the pain (percocet, stadol, etc).

I share your frustrations. I have never done an illegal drug. Never got a migraine till college (18yrs old). It also frustrates me that we have to put up with the process of finding solutions. However, just as with depression meds, we have to have some trial and error time with the docs. (guess work in a white coat as I lovingly refer to it as).

Have you tried any preventative meds or rescue meds? I have a girl friend that uses celexa during pms times to help her mood and to avoid migraines. Rescue meds that work well: Imitrex, maxalt. E-mail me if ya like, and we can compare battle notes on migraine meds and treatments.

Best of luck!





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