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Re: Magnesium Chloride - some questions LARRY?

Posted by Larry Hoover on April 9, 2003, at 12:43:30

In reply to Re: Magnesium Chloride - some questions LARRY? Larry Hoover, posted by bluedog on April 9, 2003, at 5:30:23

> Hi Larry

I'll snip to the core issues.

>Now the link says that technical grade Magnesium chloride is absolutely fine. After a few phone calls to a few Pharmaceutical companies I discovered that to make sure it's really safe to consume you should purchase BP grade chemicals which apparently means pharmaceutacial grade. I then called up some chemical companies and yes they did sell BP grade Magnesium Chloride but the minimum purchase I could make was a 25kg bag but it only costs $8.00 Australian dollars per kilo. Now this is seriously cheap for a food supplement but I really don't know what I'd do with 25kg of the stuff. Then I struck pay dirt and one company was kind enough to actually give me the telephone number of a smaller chemical lab who they supplied and this smaller lab on sold it in consumer quantities. It's a little more expensive but I now have in my possession one 500g tub of BP grade Magnesium Chloride flakes for $14.00 Australian dollars. This is still pretty cheap.

Technical grade has higher levels of impurities. You don't want to take the risk of unknown contaminants, IMHO.

> FINALLY I get to my question for you Larry.
> How much of this substance should I take? In other words how many grams of magnesium are actually contained in my 500g tub of magnesium chloride flakes?

Well, it depends on the actual form of the crystals. It could be Mg(Cl)2, or it could be the hexahydrate Mg(Cl)2.6(H20).

The molecular weight of the former is 95.21, of which 25.5% is elemental magnesium. So, you've got 125 grams, more or less.

In the second case, the weight of the water of hydration has to be considered, and it's 12% magnesium by weight, yielding about 60 grams elemental Mg.

> So far I have taken one heaped teaspoon in water.It looks and tastes just like table salt and dissolves VERY easily in a glass of water. I then add some cordial as a sweetener to mask the saltiness and drink it down. How much magnesium do you estimate I took in my one heaped teaspoon?

A teaspoon is a volume measurement. The only way to know how much magnesium is in a teaspoon is to develop some sort of relationship between mass and volume. Two ways: weigh a teaspoonful, in miligrams, and use the percentages I found above, or take the volume of the whole container in mL, and work it out per teaspoonful (assuming 5 mL per *level* teaspoonful).

> Thanks for your help Larry?
> regards
> bluedog

You're welcome.





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