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Re: Thanks dragonfly sleepyhead

Posted by Geezer on December 20, 2002, at 8:41:10

In reply to Thanks dragonfly, posted by sleepyhead on December 20, 2002, at 5:19:34

> > > I have just be prescribed Lexapro 10mg for insomnia. I have no other symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, or social dysfunction. I have read the complaints about lack of sexual drive, but I would gladly give up sex to get a good night's sleep.
> > > My question is: Does it make any sense to treat insomnia with Lexapro? One of the potential side effects is insomnia. Any opinions?
> > I have been on Lex for 5 weeks, 10 mg. I try to make sure I take it exactly the same time EVERYDAY! (7am). I was having a major problemm with insomnia. It was a little over two weeks before my sleep STARTED to get better. I was waking up only once or twice a night and not laying there for hours awake. After 3 weeks I was falling asleep easier and only waking once(damned bladder).Twice last week I even slept the whole night!
> > I have read where some are having a problem with getting very tired during the day. When I start to feel it coming on I try to move around, clean house garden or exercise bike. It has really helped me. I find a nap every day is very addictive and your body will get into that habit. So why not try the oppposite?When you feel tired get up!!! do something to get your blood moving!!! i ride my exercise bike and watch tv or read at the same time(nowhere close to walk)but I would suggest trying that instead of everyone jumping med to med
> >
> Thanks for the encouraging words. I don't sleep during the day at all. I never have. Right now, I can function on the 5-6 hours of sleep I am getting which is much better than the 0-3 hours of sleep I was getting over the summer. There were no meds involved in the improvement.
> After looking over some background information on Lexapro, I have discovered it is related to Prozac. I knew 5 people who took Prozac. All 5 went from unhappy but functioning to nonfunctioning and desparately depressed or psychotic. Two committed suicide. Prozac scares me to death, and Lexapro is similar in some way. I have decided to delay starting the Lexapro until after the holdiays at least. I am not going to ruin Christmas. I suspect I will wait until I am getting less than 4 hours of sleep per night to even consider Lexapro.
> Thanks again

Hi dragonfly,

I won't make any recommendations on your Lexapro, never took it, although the best AD I ever took was Prozac (best 18 months of my life before it pooped out). It's all too true that each of us responds differently to these drugs, sadly, it's a matter of trial and error finding the right one.

I would like to offer a word of caution about the insomnia. I do not mean to alarm and I am talking about insomnia of the most sever and prolonged type. This kind of insomnia can result in TEMPORARY psychosis - the psychosis will resolve when sleep is resumed. This "theory" was pretty well proven by the marathon ball room dancers of the 1920s and 30s. Dance for days trying to be the last ones standing.....some got a little crazy. I had a similar experience working a 24/7 emergency medical schedule combined with a goodly amount of Dexadrine abuse to stay awake. I don't think for a moment you would try such foolishness - just keep your doc informed about your insomnia.

Have a Happy Holiday





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