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Re: social phobia...sigh:( jonh kimble

Posted by Brandymac26 on November 6, 2002, at 19:59:13

In reply to social phobia...sigh:(, posted by jonh kimble on November 4, 2002, at 20:44:37

> I know Ive asked many times about what others have used for sp, and have gotten some great responses and thanks so much. But the problem is its still here. Oooooh yes. Yesterday when I heard my best friend was going to be stopping by and I immediatly ran to the liquor cabinet. it finally hit me that this is really hellish. I cant freakin talk to anyone!!!! I have a girl Ive loved for eight years and Ive probably said as much to her as most people say to their gas station attendant that they went to once. I feel suicidal ideation creeping and its really scaring me. I really dont want to die, but the pain of such lonliness and frustration adds up. If anyone could say anything to cheer me up I would love that.
> About the meds, ive tried most all with of course no relief. Dexedrine put me in the perfect place for a day or two, and then nothing. I dont want to give up though. Is there anything people have found effective out there, perhaps off the beaten path. I have comorbid add, feeling exhausted alot, and the smallest little upset can send me into serious depression. (really hypersensitive) i need hope to live, and its hard to find. im going to try neurontin next, but i feel like i know it will be my next sugar pill. arghhh... in spite of all this, i wont give up. just the thought of one day laughing with a friend is such a happy thought. thanks for your time and thought everyone. TOM

I know exactly how you feel. everytime anyone comes over to my house (even if it's my mom) i get totally freaked out. The lexapro has actually really been working for me as far as this is concerned. I also have panic disorder, and went through a spell where i didnt leave my house for months b/c i was afraid of having panic attacks. I know exactly how you feel. I'm 26, and should be enjoying life, yet im stuck in the house day in and day out. But, the lexapro has started working, and i'm actually leaving my house now! I'm still a little scared and nervous, but I deal with it, where as before I would freak out at the thought of leaving my house. By the way, what is comorbid add? Is it ADD or something else? I also suffer from depression, so bad that sometimes i am so tired i dont want to get out of bed and do anything, and thank GOD, the lexapro is helping with that too!
Dont give up hope, just keep fighting, like were all doing. Were all here for you. I hit rock bottom, and decided that I wasnt gonna let this take over, and you shouldnt either! You have to keep fighting, and one day, all the fighting will pay off. Just hang in there! Good luck, and God bless!




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