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Wellbutrin and LSD

Posted by Joshua AK on October 30, 2002, at 23:13:32

I realize there are some posts regarding this subject from earlier in the year, but I have decdied to start this new thread anyway in an attempt to obtain some answers that might be a little more clear or direct.

I have been taking Wellbutrin SR (at the max dosage 450 mg/day) for 8 months. Although my mental health has greatly improved, I believe it has much more to do with the 5 months of intense psycho-therapy and the 10 day meditation retreat I went on, than it does the meds. Granted, before I started taking it I wallowed in 3 years of total illusionment and unacknowledged depression...

Anyhow, to give a little (illicit) drug background: Been a pot smoker for the past 5 years, although that includes numerous breaks of considerable time (multiple months, 3 or 4, etc.) Didn't smoke for the first month and a half of being on medication, and even then did not actually smoke anything close to what might be considered a substantial amount until the summer, June. Since then I have smoked quite regularly, although now that school has started I don't smoke at all during the week and have generally scaled back a great deal. Whatever the case, I have not noticed any interactions with the wellbutrin.

Moving on... I do not drink aside from a (one, never more) glass of wine or beer, very occationally. Haven't consumed psilocybin in many years and will most likely never again; which is not to say I had a bad trip, just that it felt pointless. Have taken e a couple dozen times, probably not that many, and probably NEVER AGAIN. Never put anything up my nose or anything like that didn't mess with drugs like K, or any amphetamines for that matter. (I do take adderall, but only on an as needed basis, which equates to maybe once a week, sometimes twice. Since I began taking it there has been zero increase in frequency of ingestion... I don't consider myself to be someone who has addictive tendencies).

I have not taken any real drugs for approx. 11 months (birthday e-spree... not proud of it, no more of that shit for me!). For what turned out to be almost exactly 1 year on the dot I did some experimenting with LSD. Dropped somewhere between 12 and 16 times. Never had a "bad trip," and learned something every time (as with every drug I've ever taken). I have not taken acid in 15+ months.

So, what am I getting at? Does anybody have some sort of concrete information on what chemical interactions (if any) there are between bupropion and LSD? I'd like to avoid getting trip-report responses, am much more interested in the medical side of the interation and what susceptibilities I could subject myself to. The psychological effects of LSD I think I can handle (not that I think I have "conquered" the drug or anything don't want to give the wrong impression I am very aware of the inherent nature of unpredicability associated with acid) and want to make sure I would not physically be endangering myself by partaking.

I've been blabbering for a while and have lost whatever my train of thought was... whatever the case, I think I've asked my question. Any help would be much appreciated... thank you all





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