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Re: Effexor is NOT a form of PCP!!!!

Posted by LostBoyinNC1 on June 26, 2002, at 1:34:00

In reply to Re: Effexor , PCP, and Andrea Yates, posted by vivienneX on June 21, 2002, at 23:02:32

> Effexor is the only prescribable form of phencyclidine- PCP, also known as angledust.

LOL BULL!!!! I can see youve been doing some angeldust to believe the above crap.

> PCP causes "euphoria, disorientation, confusion, anxiety, irritability, paranoid states, and dangerously violent behavior. Hostility and belligerence can remain long after the drug is no longer measurable in the blood. Chronic users may also experience depression or a schizophreniclike state that can last months after discontinuation. as well as heart rate abnormalities, seizures and withdrawl." (
> Now, take an anti depressant made from this substance daily- do you think this is going to have any effect on a person? Most of the people I know of that have taken Effexor for a while have wound up addicted to it, which is not a usual side effect with ADs. While taking Effexor, some people I know have experienced side effects like extreme irritability, violence, deppression, even black outs. If you consider that you're taking a form of PCP, it's not all that unreasnoble to have such side effects. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten off the drug within a week of starting it.
> I'm not trying to say taking Effexor is just as good as going to your nearest dealer and getting some PCP, because it's not the same thing. Obviously, the FDA wouldn't allow that. But taking such a medication would have prolonged effects on anyone, particularly someone who was already as ill as Andrea Yates.

Effexor has no similarities with PCP. PCP is a potent HALLUCINOGENIC drug, it was originally developed as a grizzly bear tranquilizer and became popular as an illegal recreational street drug in the mid seventies. It causes psychosis.

Effexor is a serotonergic antidepressant and is not classified as a hallucinogenic drug like PCP is classified. Its gained a reputation as one of the best antidepressants for severe depression, although it can elevate blood pressure mildly at high dosages in some people.




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