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Re: Polypharmacy/flaxseed oil Cindylou

Posted by Chloe on May 7, 2002, at 18:59:45

In reply to Re: Help - yet another thread on Lamictal dosing. Chloe, posted by Cindylou on May 7, 2002, at 12:06:29

> Hi Chloe,
> Now I'm kind of butting in ... I was wondering what meds you're on, if you don't mind me asking? I know Lithium is one, from your posts with Emme. Like you and Emme, I have grown so sensitive to meds it's kind of ridiculous, and I've had to try microdoses of lots of things, but still haven't found the right combo for me. I'm taking a break from Lamictal and Serzone right now -- I was going to try to get pregnant so I wanted to get off meds, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do so (I am still taking 0.5 mg. of Klonapin a day which seems to help keep the agitation at bay.)

Hi Cindylou,
Thanks for writing!
I am on many drugs. It is quite a list, here goes:
Lithium 225 mgs
Depakote 250 mgs
Neurontin 600 mgs
Diazapam 10 mgs
Amitriptyline 20 mgs
Celexa 1.5 mgs
I find this combo keeps me calm, but somewhat flat at the moment. But for now, that is ok. Early spring brought alot of hypo/agitation that I am happy to leave behind.

I am sorry the pregnancy plan is not going as you hope. I, myself, cannot have children because I know I would not be safe off of meds (I have tried many times), not to mention the hormonal flucuations. And I would hate to have my child be around an unstable person like me. I guess I am fortunate that I do not yearn for children as some women do. I find my dog more than enough responsiblity. And there are days when I buckle under that. But most days, my dog is a joy and the love of my life. So that is what I imagine most "human" mothers feel...

> Also, are you the Chloe who takes flax seed oil? If so, I printed out one of your posts about it, and I actually bought some the other day, but I'm afraid to try it. It seems there can be some adverse reactions to it (JohnX got permanent facial pain from it, I believe), and I did try it a few years ago in a capsule form and it made me quite sick (very nautious and fatigued). Would there be a difference from the actual cold pressed flax seed oil and the capsules as far as side effects go?
> (If you're not the same Chloe, just disregard this part!)

Yes, hi, it's the same Chloe!
I did read JohnX's post about his experience with omega 3 fatty acids. (I have never heard or read anything like that. Except, perhaps too much DHA and EPA from the fish oils can become build up and become toxic over time. Flaxseed oil, however has the percursors of DHA and EPA. The body stores up the good omega 3 fats, and when the body requires DHA and EPA, the body will convert the stored oil into the correct amounts of DHA and EPA.
Kinda like you CAN take too much vitamin A. It's toxic at high doses. But you can't take/eat too many betacarotines, colored fruits and vegatables, that the body will convert into vita A as needed, phew!)
I, too did found it disconcerting. But can't find any info like that on my numerous google searches.

I would have to say that the cold pressed should have less side effects. Some of the flax oil that is out there can be rancid, grown with pesticides, or have additives, etc. The cold pressed capsules have absolutely no side effects for me. You are getting such a small amount of oil/capsule.

The first night I took a whole tablespoon of flaxseed oil on an english muffin with cottage cheese, I did feel nauseated. I am not used to consuming so much fat, so I felt really funny, and I was a little "grossed out"! But like I said, the nutty taste really grew on me, and the nausea I first experienced is not an issue now. If you are sensitive to nausea, I would think you should take the capsule with food, and allow your body to adjust for a few weeks.
In terms of fatigue, no, I rather feel energized or a bit up from the flaxseed oil. It's also quite satiating in the liquid form. I find I am not craving the carbos so much...

I think organic, cold pressed flaxseed oil is worth another try! But I am already a convert!
I hope I have not been too verbose!


> Thanks!
> cindy
> > Hi Emme,
> > I am so sorry you did not get that job. What a disappointment. I know I am kinda budding in here, but I wanted to let you know I am thinking about you.
> >
> > I am glad you have an "overly optimistic" pdoc. Perhaps she can think of something to help you get through this rough time. Too bad the naltrexone was a wash...Is the Lamictal still helping, or has that pooped out some?
> >
> > BTW, I am much more sensitive to meds as I have gotten older, too. I could take boat loads of stuff with few side effects in my teens. Now, (in my 30's) I can only tolerate microdoses. So I am on small doses of 6 meds, to minimize side effects, but potentiate good effects. It's all chemisty! Finding the smallest dose that gives the greatest benefit. You did tell me you are a chemist, didn't you?
> >
> > Well, please take care,
> > Chloe




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