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Re: Help - yet another thread on Lamictal dosing. Emme

Posted by Chloe on May 7, 2002, at 17:22:44

In reply to Re: Help - yet another thread on Lamictal dosing. Chloe, posted by Emme on May 7, 2002, at 7:57:15

> Hi Chloe,
> Butt right on in! Nice to hear from you. How's the combo working? I assume Lithium is still your mainstay? How's your sore scalp problem?

Hi Emme
My combo is suiting me well at the moment (except some hormone related stuff, but that's a whole other post!). Yes, Li is still in the mix, and I do like that one! I have been able to increase the dose a smidge, too. My scalp was just burning up from the Neurontin and Li. But since a month or so after adding flaxseed oil to my diet, I am less dried out, and some of the scalp pain has deminished. I also think the FSO has some mood elevating/stabilizing properties as well. Adding EFA's my diet has vastly increased my ability to tolerate my meds better.

> Well, I suspect it's [lamictal] doing some good. I feel crappy, but I would probably be in worse shape without it. So it may not have totally "pooped out" per se, I may just be really unhappy and not have enough resilience yet. We'll meet on Friday and see what she thinks.

Emme, it sounds like things are so challenging, that no med is going to make you feel balanced at the moment. But it is so good that you have the Lamictal as a solid back drop. Perhaps you have benzo's for prn's that can put out the fires or calm some of the unexcepted impulsivities or agitation? I wish there were some magic pill that would fix your brain and your life situation! :)

> I worry that increasing sensitivity will be so limiting on what I can take that I'll become impossible to treat. That's one reason I really hope Lamictal will be my mainstay - I can tolerate it. What does all this say about how our bodies metabolize chemicals with age? Maybe we are metabolizing more slowly.... As I think about it though, I've also been a much wider range of drugs than I was at first, so I should perhaps expect more problems. Much as I hate having all those bottles lined up on my dresser, I know polypharmacy is the way for me. And the klonopin and neurontin really go along way towards kicking out the anxiety, so I do have a few "keepers".

I don't know if it's a slower metabolism or hormones or what. But our bodies do change over time in what they need to remain balanced. But just because you can't tolerate a certain med now, doesn't mean it won't work at another time or with another mix of meds. And new meds are coming down the line all the time. Just think of how recently drugs like Lamictal showed up. I don't even think it was available five years ago...(?)

But all in all, I am so grateful my pdoc is an advocate of polypharmacy. I have been working with my pdoc over 14 years. And we have gone from days when I needed 1000 mgs of depakote+100 mgs of prozac to get through a day. A lot has changed. I can't only take 1.5mg of Celexa now, and even that makes me edgy at times!

>How 'bout you? What is your main area of interest/expertise?

Well, I went to college to be a nurse. I love the sciences, too. But I did not love being a nurse. That was a very short lived job. But I can't get enough info about medicine, diseases, drugs...Several years later, I became an EMT. But couldn't hack that either...It's very hard for me to have a job in a field I like! Just can't stand the pressure!

So nice to "chat" with you, Emme. Please keep me posted, if you don't mind...I hope things get better soon




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