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Re: Gonna do ECT for sure

Posted by OldSchool on March 25, 2002, at 11:37:56

In reply to Re: Gonna do ECT for sure OldSchool, posted by JohnX2 on March 24, 2002, at 23:03:31

> > Ive made up my mind that Im going to do ECT soon. I should have had it years ago. All I have to do is get my BP meds adjusted this week and then talk to my shrink about a shock doc consult. The bad thing is that I found out that they took the ECT unit out of the local hospital I was planning on having it done at. So now I have basically three options to have ECT at, two of them at teaching hospitals. And this means I will have to go inpatient for a while which I DO NOT LIKE. My psychiatrist doesnt want me inpatient for ECT he doesnt think I need to be inpatient at all, says I dont fit in there, etc.
> >
> > Ive decided Im not going to waste my time with wussy unilateral ECT Im going to go with the real deal bilateral or bifrontal ECT. I already have it planned out what I want my shock doc to do. IM not going to agree to it unless my insurance company preapproves me for AT LEAST 10 ECT sessions, preferably 12. Because I have read that anything less than 10 to 12 sessions it wont hold and thus a total waste of time.
> >
> > Im actually beginning to look forward to it believe it or not. I cant believe it, but ECT actually looks fun to me. I remember what rTMS was like, that was OK. There was one point where the rTMS had kind of a breakthrough effect, where I was sitting on this pier at Folly Beach in Charleston, SC watching dolphins swim in the ocean and everything started looking three dimensional again, colors started looking vibrant again. I was starting to get out of depression. But it pooped out after only a few hours. Big bummer. Im expecting this same effect with ECT only much stronger effect. I think I kinda already know what to expect somewhat from the rTMS experience. Just with ECT it will probably be WAY stronger.
> >
> > I want a psychiatrist to see me for the first time normal. NO psychiatrist anywhere has seen me what I was like before depression hit me in late 97. When I was a healthy, non depressed, normal person. All theyve ever seen is the depressed me. They never have even seen the health me before.
> >
> > Ive also come to the realization I could care less about memory loss side effects. I already cant remember diddly from my depression.
> >
> > Honestly, ECT looks fun to me now. I enjoyed rTMS, it made my eyes water a little after each session but that was the only side effect. I think I will enjoy ECT as much as rTMS. rTMS is so wussy...I hope ECT is like a bazooka treatment for depression.
> >
> > Old School
> Hi Old School,
> I hope your ECT goes well.
> I was wondering if you could give some refresher background of your TRD? What has been your main snag to date? AD poop out/lack of response, etc?
> Regards,
> John

My problem is AD poopout. I get some AD effect from them, enough to keep me afloat and alive. Im not like super duper depressed or anything. I can sleep and stuff. I am just at like 30% though and want to get to 80% to 100%. Thats why I want to do ECT.

Also, Im having the same sorts of problems with my blood pressure as with my depression. Its barely under control despite max doses of BP meds. The BP is causing more problems now than my depresssion. Im hoping ECT will help both problems, by loosening me up or whatever. I feel better when I take dopamine agonists like Amantadine too, but get kinda dizzy and confused feeling on those. Physically I feel much better on dopamine agonists. Less tightened up feeling

Old School




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