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Re: antipsychotics for social p. SLS

Posted by JahL on December 17, 2001, at 10:56:38

In reply to Re: antipsychotics for social p. JahL, posted by SLS on December 17, 2001, at 7:09:08

> What dosage of sulpiride did you find optimal?

Hi Scott.

I currently take about 150mg. Above this there is no further benefit and mild sedation begins to set in. Anything much below and the s. phobia kicks in. I am obviously concerned about TD & so I try and take as little as possible.

>A TRD specialist who uses sulpiride recommended 50mg.

That sounds rather low. I was prescribed 200mg to begin with, which seems fairly standard procedure over here. I'm not sure 50mg would do much for me, tho' the response is definitely linear.

>He also commented that he preferred sulpiride to amisulpride. In his words, he said that "amisulpride is too much an antipsychotic".

That's very interesting. Sulpiride is preferred here too; Amisulpiride (50-100mg) did nothing for me.

Interesting because the Antipsychotic I respond best to is Promazine, a very 'weak' AP primarily used for sedative purposes. Amazingly I would feel mildly euthymic w/in a couple of hours of taking 25mg. I have BPII very similar to yours and this drug addressed all symptoms equally (ie it somehow addressed the BP itself and not just individual symptoms). I can replicate the improvement time and time again. Unfortunately the EPS were unbearable, it has a short half-life and mild paranoia (I remember being stalked by a Swan one night...) set in if I got the dose wrong. We tried Sulpiride instead and I haven't looked back since (1.5 yrs now). Sulpiride doesn't particularly lift my mood but is excellent for s. phobia and ruminations.

I would be interested to see if someone with the same condition could benefit similarly from Promazine. Naturally I'm yet to meet a pdoc who believes an AP can induce mild euthymia w/i hours but having been unremittingly depressed my entire life I think I know what a (partial) remission feels like.

> I have a batch of the stuff. It is incredibly inexpensive. I experienced a "blip" improvement in depression within an hour of my first dose

Like Promazine for myself?

>that lasted for a few hours. I was taking only Lamictal at the time. I felt some vague inkling of an improvement during the first week.

From what I remember the transition from Promazine to Sulpiride was fairly smooth and so I can only assume that Sulpiride must've begun working with the first dose. Might be worth trying at a higher dose; I don't get any side-effects.

>. When the time comes to again try adding a neuroleptic, I think I'll give sulpiride a try.

Good luck.

> Why did you stop taking sulpiride?

Didn't know I had :-)





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