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Re: Need help with meds/side effects! JohnX2

Posted by Chloe on December 4, 2001, at 17:30:53

In reply to Re: Need help with meds/side effects! Chloe, posted by JohnX2 on December 3, 2001, at 21:04:13

> I assume you are diagnosed as bipolar per
> taking Li?

I am soft bp2 but main problem is major depresson, mood dyregulation, distorted thinking. Lately, I am mainly depressed, but pop up into very hopeful, "happy" moods, only to crash into a suicidal, paranoid type state again. Very frustrtating. I am like a rollercoaster, and it's really taking a toll on my life and relationships. Also, I am very med sensitive, side effect sensitive and treatment resistant.

> Just a couple thoughts on possible routes.
> (a) Add another mood stabilizer.
> Depakote may help it is the more common for
> bipolar. Lamictal has a good anti-depressant
> effect, but unfortunately it has the dermititis
> issues, so maybe not the way to go.

I am considering going back on a small dose of depakote, but my pdoc thinks that the "hair loss" side effect of dep will give me trouble now, since I still have this scalp pain.
Lamictal was way too energizing/anxiety producing for me, and did cause some skin probs right off. Too risky. Though did have nice AD probs, even with in the first few doses for me.

> (b) Try an anti-psychotic. Zyprexa is a pretty
> quick acting med that is approved for bipolar
> disorder. It has very good anti-anxiety properties
> and sure will help alleviate any psychotic issues.
> Won't goof up your scalp.

This is such a good idea! The AP's have always been my salvation. But I can only take them in emergencies, since I have low grade, chronic tongue movements left over from long term use of the traditional AP's in my twenties. When I use the atypicals, within 24 hours, I get a pretty activated tongue and jaw, and it can interfere with my speech. It's also annoying as hell. But how I wish I could take seroquel everyday. It's very calming, stabilizing and gives me wonderful sleep. At times I think persistant TD would be worth it. But...when I feel more rational, I just can't continue with the AP's. It doesn't seeem right.

> (c) A different AD. You seemed concerned that
> dropping Li causes depression. What are your
> feelings about the effectiveness of the celexa
> you are on?

Well, initially, Celexa was so activating and caused some mixed state kinda stuff, that it made me suicidal! But I have been slowing increasing the dose to two milligrams, and my depression was getting better. But wow, did I crash and burn after one day of feeling pretty "upbeat." So, the SSRI's are only good to a degree for me. I really need an AD with stabilizing properties or take the AD with a more potent stabilizer than neurontin...Or I need to take a ton more of neurontin, but it's SO drying to my scalp and hair. OUCH > God, I hate how I just complain...

I really have such a tricky emotional picture. My pdoc just doesn't want to add anything at the moment. But, really what is there to add? I have tried most every stablizer, tegretol, topamax, trileptal, lamictal, all the atypicals, serzone, remeron, not much luck with TCA's, afraid of MAOI's. This is a challenge, huh?
So, I thank you so much for replying. I wish so much I could just take the meds that help me, like Li or and AP and get on with things. But I seem to be damned if I take a med and damned, I mean really damned if I don't!
I wonder if provigil would be an ok AD adjunct without causing too much instability...Any experience with that one?




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