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Re: Re meds/side effects-hormones » Beliala

Posted by Chloe on December 13, 2001, at 21:03:40

In reply to Re: Re meds/side effects-hormones » Chloe, posted by Beliala on December 12, 2001, at 2:01:03

I was going to get right back to you, then I hit another one of my "agitated, suicidal depressions" and have been as raging basket case for 36 hours. And now I am not sure if it's hormone related or not. I thought if I ONLY took Yasmin active pills only, I would not get periods. Well, I am bloated, craving sweets and having some staining since my recent bout of depression. And I am super irritable. So. I just don't know which end it up anymore. I thought the Yasmin was helping enough so I could avoid a major mood stabilizer. But I am having severe doubts. I am ruining my relationships, friends and family. And working once a week is getting more and more difficult when I don't know how I am going to feel on hour to the next...

One thing I do know is that I did have a yeast infection. It was helped by gynazole 2 percent cream insert. But is this going to be a chronic thing? Oh lord, that would be a drag...But managable, I guess. BUT what are probiotics?

And what is Diane 35? I think I heard that was available in Europe... not here though. I am sorry you don't have Yasmin there. My gyn says it's really a "breakthrough" in oral contraception, because it's so different from all the others with the older progestins. I would like to see a pill with this novel progestin AND a different estrogen too. Estriol Estrodial (sp?) is really the only one used for OC in the US. I am wondering if some of my lability is related to the EE.

Your GP sounds extremely closed minded. That "stuff" makes me furious. No one should be dismissed or negated in that way. You are clearly suffering from hormonal issues. And upping your meds is probably not the best way to manage your symptoms. And if you up your psych meds, you may just run into extra problems(side effects!) from those meds too. Oh, I feel for you. Is there anyway of getting another GP or another opinion?

Well, I am desperately seeking a psychopharm consult. I have to find a way to take meds I need to control my terrible mood dyregulation and depression without having intolerable side effects (yeah, do you think this is possible???). I feel so out of control And I thought the Yasmin was really calming things. But not I am not sure...Since I think I had pms/pmdd and now a light period on active pills...HUM

I am so glad I am not the only one at sea in this hormonal puzzle.

> I was planning on giving Yasmin a try, until I learned it’s not available in Canada. Seems like everything I want to try isn’t available here. I lasted 8 days on Diane-35 and it made me feel kinda PMSy, especially in the insomnia department. It also aggravated a weird skin problem I’ve developed since the last time I was on bcps; my derm thinks the estrogen’s the culprit but I wish I could trial another bcp to find out for sure. Unfortunately my GP thinks all my complaints are just "stress" and I should just get my pdoc to up my meds. Then I’ll start getting periods, etc. I guess chronic psych patients aren’t allowed to have health problems.
> Yeah the infections suck. They were part of the reason I went off bcps in the first place. I was hoping taking ample amounts of probiotics would help prevent that if I ever found a bcp I could tolerate.
> Beliala




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