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Re: Parnate stuff Lorraine

Posted by Elizabeth on August 25, 2001, at 11:48:56

In reply to Re: Parnate stuff Elizabeth, posted by Lorraine on August 24, 2001, at 12:45:34

> So much for my suspicions--but do you do well on stimulants?

I haven't had much of a chance to find out. I did take a very low dose of Cylert for about 6 months in college, and that seemed to be helpful.

> > What new insurance? New insurance is what I need to find!
> That does not sound easy given preexisiting condition unless it is part of a group plan. What are your options?

It's a bit complicated. I should have the info in the mail sometime in the next few days.

> > That doesn't sound like high blood pressure to me -- the headache would be at the base of your skull and/or in the back of your neck.
> Thank-you--this is very helpful to me. I didn't know what occipital meant.

< g > The occipital lobe is in the back, yeah.

> > > The PDR says ...
> >
> > CYA.
> That's what my pdoc said as well.

I'm really worried that I seem to be thinking like your pdoc. :-)

> > Try and get a measurement. MAOIs can cause headaches for other, unrelated reasons.
> Today, slight headache, blood pressure was low (93/66) with a pulse of 62.

That's about how my BP was running when I was taking Parnate. FWIW, I did get headaches occasionally from low blood pressure, especially upon getting up out of bed in the morning.

> The time of day that I take the medication does have an effect on my sleeping. If I take it later than 12:30 pm I cannot go to sleep at night until very late (2am or 3am).

I think that after you've been taking it for a while, it won't matter (for better or for worse).

> Wait what is eczema?

Dermatitis -- skin inflammation. Causes include autoimmune reactions, repeated contact with irritants, fungal infection, etc.

> > Parnate contains the sulfate salt of tranylcypromine.
> I know. That's why I'm concerned.

Well...what other drugs have caused rashes for you, if any?

> I think we may respond to this differently. Could you "feel" the Parnate kick in with your doses? I can. If I take more than 5 mg at a time, I hyperventilate again.

I couldn't "feel" it, but I sure had a hard time if I missed it. (No headaches, just low mood and lethargy.) The sympathomimetic effect (hyperventilation) is something you should adjust to after taking it for a while.

> > What on earth posesses you to come into contact with all these weird chemicals?!
> Painting a house.

Well, good luck. What colour?

> I have Atavan. Do you think I'll need it even with the stimulant and neurontin?

I've never used Neurontin for that purpose, so I don't know how it compares to the benzos.

> I would be interested in it if it interests you:-)

:-) It's _Clinical Advances in MAOI Therapies_, Kennedy ed.

> > It's a small price to pay
> See to say this you must not love to sleep. I love to sleep and I love to dream and I love to wake up in the morning feeling "refreshed" by my sleeping and dreaming.

I sleep better on ADs than off them. I love to dream too, despite some of the problems it has caused me (!), but I still think it's a small price.

> .... (BTW, my intense dreams are back. No abnormal movements, though. < cross fingers >)
> Crossed. (Do you associate dreams with abnormal movements? Do you mean restless leg syndrome?)

No, not RLS. I think I must have mentioned this before: I have a sleep disorder which causes me to retain skeletal muscle tone during REM sleep. As a result, I move around in my sleep trying to act out my dreams.





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