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Re: to paulk touchee grapebubblegum

Posted by paulk on June 1, 2001, at 23:46:59

In reply to Re: to paulk touchee, posted by grapebubblegum on May 30, 2001, at 23:14:22

>It's mostly the responsibility of women to speak up for themselves, and it's a complex historical and sociological problem that women don't understand their sexuality AND don't feel entitled to speak up about it even if they do understand it. Like I said, witness the hormonal birth control methods that not only give women a permanent case of PMS, but, as the joke goes, work by making the patient uninterested in sex. Sure, some will say they are just as interested but that's not true sex drive, that's societally conditioned receptivity which differs from having a true female sex drive. Unless you're a female, Paul, you'll just have to take my word for it that I know what I am talking about.

I dont have to be a woman to know what you are talking about. First, when my wife used BC pills I - hated it. I am quite concerned that she enjoys sex rather that endures it.

Second, My father was an Ob-Gyn and I often heard concerned conversation about the tradeoffs He thinks it VERY unfortunate that women have lost the choice of the variety of IUDs that worked quite well for many women. (This is because of law suits - not that IUDs are a poor form of birth control).

Not all women have a terrible time on BCs but way too many women endure the loss of sex drive without a thought to how it is affecting their lives as well as their marriage.

>The reason is because traditionally women are recipients of sex and therefore their response/enjoyment is often poo-poohed as insignificant and unimportant.

I just dont know Ive never personally known any men that expressed that they really didnt care if their partner wasnt enjoying it I know Ive heard many wonder what would help with arousing their partner for both their sakes on the other hand (put some ice on it) B. Clinton sure would be a good counter example. It could be Im not objective on this Im an atypical depressed guy who is overly sensitive I might filter out a lot of the jerks out there.

>How is male sexual dysfunction treated? With the wildly popular viagra,

Viagra like so many technical discoveries, was not due to directed R&D to develop a sex aid for men, but an accidental discovery while trying to find a heart medicine.

>How is female dysfunction treated? With K-Y.

If that is all your doctor is talking about you need to find a better one. Estrogen can help with dryness, Yohimbine can help with arousal (my wifes included), I think Ginko may also for some. Lower anxiety from some AD can actually help with sex in some men and women. (I never knew I could enjoy sex as I found I could on Effexor yet at the same time it robbed me of orgasm The ultimate double edged sword.) There are sex enhancing drug trials in progress for women. You can get some kind of testosterone drops (taken 4 hours before sex) that seem to work wonders for some women.

BTW Im not Paul Im Paulk




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